Lincoln enlisted the help of the Detroit Symphony Orchestra to create a selection of chimes for it’s 2019 Lincoln Aviator.

When you see the 2019 Lincoln Aviator début at AutoMobility LA later this month, you’ll probably see car journalists and showgoers opening, closing, and making the new Aviator make all sorts of noises in an attempt to coax the door chimes out of this new SUV for good reason. According to Lincoln in a press release they dropped earlier today (Nov 5. 2018) Lincoln are embedding some real-life human touches into the new Aviator by programming in half a dozen chimes made by the Detroit Symphony Orchestra. Check out their little vignette highlighting the door chimes below.

Lincoln shot a proposal to the DSO, informing them of their intentions thinking they’d think they were somewhat a little off the wall but, as per their response in the press release, nothing could be further from the truth. Lincoln and the DSO worked through multiple brainstorming sessions and multiple recordings to get the set of chimes that have yet to début.

Lincoln is doing its best to stay above the fray and stand out in unique ways. Providing a different customer experience for anyone driving their SUV’s is one of them. Whereas most SUVs on the market today go for attack and aggressive with bold new designs, sporty credentials, and loud pipes out the rear, Lincoln takes a softer approach.

It seems to be working when it comes to their SUVs as the Navigator with its radical new design approach, one that emphasizes luxury and sophistication above all else, is the only model selling well. Last month, Lincoln Navigators shot up 69 percent compared to October last year.

Door chimes and warning sounds are pretty one-dimensional; make them pleasant, go ahead and use something that won’t break the budget, and just put it in all of the vehicles in your lineup. But when you stop to consider chimes, they have a subtle impact on our driver’s experience whether we want it to or not.

Perhaps Lincoln will be one of the first of many car manufacturers bringing that human touch, of custom chimes, into the driver’s experience.

Source: Lincoln


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