Evasive Motorsports is getting a jump on SEMA by readying a Honda S2000 with an engine swap from the latest Honda Civic Type R. Yup, OEM turbo power goodness.

Arguably one of the best roadster chassis in the world is getting a much-needed kick in the pants thanks to Evasive Motorsports, a SoCal based tuner shop in Santa Fe Springs, Calif. According to their latest social media posts from earlier this week (Jan. 31, 2019) they’re already getting a head start on their SEMA build for this year by readying what I assume is the first Honda S2000 with a K20C1 engine swap. If you didn’t already read my title and heading, that’s the engine code from the latest and greatest Honda Civic Type R!

Check out their announcement below.

If there’s one shop in the Southern California area that can pull this build off right, it has to be these cats in Santa Fe Springs. With so much racing under their built, especially with the Civic Type R in Time Attack, and their knowledge of Honda’s in general, this type of project is right up their alley.

The Honda S2000 is known as a purists roadster with its record-breaking screaming NA engine that, at the time it came out in 1999, held the record for being the highest specific output for any naturally aspirated 2.0L piston engine in a car under $100K at 125 HP per liter.

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USDM S2000’s have 237 HP and 155 lb-ft but peak HP came in at a race engine like 8,300 RPM and the torque at 7,500 RPM. You really had to be in VTEC, above 5,000 RPM, if you want to feel any sort of power in these roadsters. And for Honda purists that is OK. But, for regular car enthusiasts, a little power thrown at the S2000 was never a bad option.

Enter the K20C1, a monster of an engine and in 2017 Honda offered this legendary engine as a crate motor for just $6,519.87 ( so specific, right?) No longer did tuners have to wait for a wrecked one to snag these USDM gems. They could, if they raced enough and have proof of said racing, buy a new one from Honda. That’s where I’m assuming that Evasive Motorsports got this particular engine from.

You’ve probably already memorized the tail of the tape for the K20C1 but here it is anyways. Power from this turbo 2.0L comes in at 306 HP at 6500 RPM and 295 lb-ft at 2500-4500 RPM. Yah, there’s torque now and it’s available down low thanks to that magic snail.

And here’s the best part, it’s totally OEM which means you get all that power without sacrificing reliability. There’s no better power than factory power is what I say.

And the way Evasive Motorsports builds cars I’m sure the final product for SEMA will be well worth the wait.

All the goodness of Honda’s best roadster combined with more power from their latest and greatest turbo engine is enough of a thought to get my heart racing.

What do you think about this epic mashup of engine and chassis? Let me know in the comments below!

Source: Evasive Motorsports



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