If you’ve bought one of those expensive Air Spencer CS-X3 air fresheners but don’t want to buy one of those expensive refills, this hack can potentially save you more than $50 a year in Air Spencer refills.

One of the easiest and most functional ways any diehard JDM fan can spruce up their interior is to buy one of these JDM Air Spencer units by Eikosha for anywhere around $20. Sleek, slim, and almost looking like something that needs to be powered and far more expensive looking than anything anyone’s ever seen before, it’s been a mainstay for JDM scents for years. But, just like razor companies make money on refills, it’s the same story with these Air Spencer CS-X3 units.

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Even if you buy in packs of 3, at $7 each cartridge, refills can get pricey being a luxury indulgence and all. But, this Air Spencer CS-X3 hack I’ve been using can save you so much money.

I’ve tweeted what you do on my personal twitter but I’m sharing it with you below.

It’s called the Bath & Body Works hack. Hear me out. Those Air Spence refills in any scent you usually get are weak! They only last four weeks at most and then you’re left with an empty Air Spencer unit sitting on your dashboard. Not to mention when you do order refills if you don’t have a local source, since they’re from Japan they take a minute to get here. Plus, squash scents are so overrated and honestly you only get squash so you can impress your friends that, “Yah, man this is the squash scent, it’s the best.”

Bath & Body Works has these awesome refillable oil-based scents meant for the car called Scent Portables. At 3 for $9, they are so much cheaper than those expensive Air Spencer Refills, and they come in so many scents.

They’ve got

  • Tiki Beach
  • Alohoa Kiwi Passionfruit
  • Endless Weekend
  • Eucalyptus Spearmint
  • Cactus Bloom
  • Champagne Toast
  • and my favorite Coconut (as illustrated above) and many more scents

Plus, if you live anywhere near a mall or Bath & Body Works store, you can just stop by and pick one up.

The trick is to use that piece of sticky tape on the refill to make sure it sits in your Air Spencer unit but it stays in there. And, in my experience, they usually last 6 weeks of regular driving around.

Ditch those expensive Made in Japan refills and hook yourself up with these refills from Bath & Body Works. It’s 2019 people! Upgrade your car scents!

And if you find air freshener refills that fit in the Air Spencer cartridge, go ahead and stick one of those in as well.

Do you have a variant on this hack you want to share? Let me know in the comments.

Source: Bath & Body Works


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