This is the first time GM ran its all-electric eCopo Chevrolet Camaro down the quarter-mile and we’ve got the video to prove just how fast it is.

GM has an all-electric muscle car ready for the drag strip called the eCopo Chevrolet Camaro and recently it blasted down the quarter-mile, with all of its 600 lb-ft of torque scorching the asphalt as it took off like Usain Bolt. The video surfaced on Reddit earlier today (Feb 1, 2019) and revealed an interesting tidbit of information that GM themselves left out of their own press release. Check out the video for yourself below.

Admittedly the video is a bit misleading if only for a few seconds because your eyes and ears are really fighting each other with what we first see, a Camaro and burbling engine in the background. It’s only when you realize that the noises are coming from the other drag truck in the other lane do things become more clear. The eCopo Camaro rips a mean burnout in the water box, peeling off a fresh layer of sticky rubber before it heads to the Christmas tree timing lights. And, just like any other drag car, the eCopo Camaro is literally pulling at its proverbial chains to shoot out of its lane, which it does with a 10-second pass.

In the press release, GM says that its eCopo Camaro, with its pair of BorgWarner HVH 250-150 motor assemblies, is only good for 700 HP and 600 lb-ft but the video description tells a different story.

“This all-new 800-volt battery packed race car has two BorgWarner HVH motor assemblies and produces over 780 lb-ft. of torque and over 780 horsepower!”

Yup, it looks like GM underrated their own electric motors in the press release for some reason and perhaps were sandbagging just how much power these motors can deliver.

That is a massive amount of torque to deliver at an extraordinary rate which is par for the course for electric cars.

I know traditional car enthusiasts will moan and groan over the lack of noise but we have to get over it as this is the future of performance drag racing.

What do you think of this electric drag Camaro? Let me know in the comments below!


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