A sideshow went down in Anaheim last night and someone brought out their Mom’s Tesla Model 3 and showed SoCal just what these little electric cars can do.

Hate ’em or not sideshows are now part of the ever-evolving car scene in Californa. But when you think of cars at sideshows it’s usually Mustangs, Camaros, and Chargers that are throwing up smoke. So, when this Tesla Model 3 entered the giant parking lot circle sometime last night (February 2, 2019) no one really knew what to expect. In all honesty, it wasn’t much a smoke show but hey, this little Tesla Model 3 can swing if you want it to.

Check out video of this little California bred electric car doing its thing in the O.C. below. Is that video below down? Don’t worry, I already tweeted it on my own personal Twitter here. 

First of all, props to the owner of this Tesla Model 3 because most Teslas are notorious for not being able to disable Vehicle Stability Control and Traction Control in normal situations. From what I’ve heard you can pull some fuse or something but that disables ABS as well, something that you don’t necessarily want gone as well.

By sheer physics and inertia, this sideshow Tesla Model 3 manages to hang it loose if only for a moment before the Tesla Model 3’s computer intervenes and doles out power more appropriately to keep traction.

You can hear that Tesla Model 3 fighting to keep traction as best it could despite the driver chucking the wheel violently to either side, letting the rear sort of step out. Ultimately, the Tesla Model 3 wins over and traction is more or less restored.

Think about it, if you’re going to swing a car at a sideshow, a Tesla is probably one of the more safer cars to do it in. With all the Tesla’s cameras working to maintain safety, you’re probably less likely to run into a crowd. You can’t say the same for those other muscle cars.

That Model 3 owner needs to get one of those TC defeat devices from Mountain Pass Performance so he can really swing it. But then there’s the question of safety.

Electric cars at sideshows? It’s a new era of hooliganism.

Source: Risk Street Shows


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