According to Spoon, their Demo car with this turbo kit was faster than the standard Honda Civic Type R during a Time Attack run.

Do you want to make your Honda Civic with the 1.5L Turbo engine faster than a Honda Civic Type R (in a straight line) for the fraction of the price? Spoon Sports has the bolt-on Turbo kit for you.

According to GoTuning USA in an announcement on social media, Spoon Sports officially released its Spoon Big Turbochager kit for Honda Civics (or any Honda for that matter) with the smaller 1.5L Turbo engine.

Priced at $3,085, I’m not shocked considering it’s a Spoon Sports product, an aftermarkets parts maker known for their OEM-level of quality.

Spoon Sports makes track-tested, premium aftermarket parts you can rely on to produce power reliably.

This does not include the Hondata Flashpro Flash Tuner which is sold separatly. Expect to add another $700.

According to their Dynapack Dyno chart which takes horsepower readings from a hub dyno, if installed correctly, Honda Civic owners can expect a peak increase of +106 HP and +137 lb-ft.

There Honda Civic Hatchback demo car hit 270 HP and 305 lb-ft, that +10 lb-ft more than the Civic Type R.

Of course, that’s an apples and oranges comparo since the Civic Type R also comes with a more sophisticated suspension and chassis tuning that puts it on another level compared to the standard hatch.

Looking at the dyno graph compared to the stock turbo, the gains in HP and Torque, the area under the curve, is phenomenal. There is nowhere on the graph this improved turbocharger unit dips below the stock dyno graph.

Since this turbocharger unit has the same housing size as the original, it’s truly bolt-on in the truest sense of the word.

Spoon Sports strongly encourages you to swap in a new clutch as the OEM probably can’t handle the added power over any extended period of time.

And if you’ve got a CVT, this kit is not for you. This turbocharger kit is manual only. Honda CVTs are robust but sending 305 peak lb-ft would be too much for those CVT belts.

Hondata went on the record to hint that they’re comfortable with a +15 percent increase in torque for CVT owners. A bump to 305 lb-ft is more than a 50 percent increase over stock.

So if you’ve got a Civic Sport with a manual and want to make one heck of a daily/sleeper, this turbo kit might be for you.


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