Yes, their’s JDM aluminum foil, there isn’t much left, and finding some is next to impossible.

Although some Japanese wheel companies are really feeling the supply chain pinch, raising prices by hundreds of dollars thanks to rising aluminum prices, it seems other JDM wheel companies have aluminum to spare.

A viral tweet by Twitter user @GlizzzieMcGuire, shows the twitter user prepping chocolate chip cookie dough for baking by using Work Wheels-branded aluminum foil.

At first, I didn’t believe this arguably ridiculous piece of kitchenware used for baking was real.

Who, in their right mind, would make wheel-branded aluminum foil?

Then, I remembered this is Japan we’re talking about and their companies often have off-the-wall and quirky promotional items that make my American mind go, “WOW?”

I blogged about how JDM aftermarket parts maker HKS often makes promotional ramen noodles to hand out at trade shows.

JDM Noodles HKS
HKS has a box of promotional Ramen Noodles

HKS also partners with a green tea maker to make their own branded can of tea drink.

HKS Green Tea

Clearly, their clientele love and appreciate these limited edition items.

A quick google reveals that, in 2021, Work Wheel had a “2021 WORK Exciting Campaign” where if you purchased a set of their wheels, you’re instantly entered to win prizes like a BRIDE branded office chair, a clock that looks like a classic WORK wheel, some WORK Wheel Wallets, and shades.

2021 WORK Exciting campaign promo photo

More importantly, according to WORK,

“…the first 5,000 people will receive WORK original aluminum foil as a gift!”

Yeah, WORK wheels partnered with whoever makes a lot of aluminum foil in Japan to make their own foil!

You can use the foil any way you like, for baking, cleaning wheels, covering your window to block the summer heat, or, for, what will probably happen to the majority of this JDM foil, collecting and re-selling.

I couldn’t find any (for now…) on eBay.

And yeah, cleaning wheels with foil IS a thing.

Here’s what the foil looks like before you open it thanks to a member of the BackShelf Facebook Group, a group dedicated to sharing unique JDM parts and trinkets.

Photo Credit: Barney AR-Williams

And, here’s that foil near one of those aforementioned new WORK Wheels.

Photo Credit: Rhys Hockley

It’s always a treat and a surprise when companies do these little campaigns, they certainly don’t have to, but us car enthusiasts sure do appreciate it.

What would you do with some WORK Wheels aluminum foil? Would you immediately resell it?

Let me know in the comments below!


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