What if I told you there was a green tea on the market that not only quenched your thirst but paid homage to one of the most OG Japanese tuning companies at the same time. You’d probably think I was babbling on about something silly. But it’s true. According to Japanese twitter user @yoshiiiii_CL7 earlier this weekend (Oct. 28,2017) he’s managed to source a real-deal can of HKS Green Tea! Yup, that HKS. The one that makes some dope turbocharger kits for imports. This is the equivalent of finding a Borg-Warner branded can of Coke or a Garrett turbo branded energy drink. Check out the tweet and photo of the drink below.

Since he tweeted out the photo of this rare JDM drink, it’s racked up more than 2,600 likes and 1,700 retweets. Some people thought it was a can of oil or an engine additive of some sort, but upon closer inspection, it looks like it’s just regular green tea meant for human consumption. Although at least one replier said he’d buy it if they sold it in vending machines (like you do in Japan) it seems the only place you can buy a can of this HKS tea is at an HKS promotional event or at an Autobacs (a popular auto parts store.) Most likely he snagged a can of this Green Tea at the recent Tokyo Motor Show that just wrapped up this weekend.

HKS Drag Cars
HKS Drag Cars

HKS’s iconic Black, teal, red. and purple livery screams 90’s. Most of HKS’s most popular builds came from that 90’s and early 2000’s era where Japanese tuning culture reigned supreme in a pre-internet age. Around that time was when HKS was dominating the drag racing scene, most notably holding the title for quickest AWD Drag car, an HKS R33-GT-R that blasted down the quarter mile in 7.671 seconds. Video game enthusiasts will most likely know this livery from Playstation’s Gran Turismo series with HKS cars in GT 2,4,5, and 6. It’s a popular livery and paint scheme, to say the least.

I can understand the hype surrounding this can of tea, it’s a piece of HKS fandom that you can drink! And when you’re done, you can save the can as a souvenir. If you’re a fan of HKS and want to scratch that HKS itch, their website has other readily available goods that anyone can buy like binders, lanyards, hats, and keyrings. I couldn’t find this green tea though.



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