It turns out that not only did HKS have some dope promotional JDM Green Tea, but it was also paired with a packet of original ramen noodles. You’re blowing my mind, HKS.

You know I love uncommon and one-off JDM foodstuff so when, according to HKS USA in a post they shared on Facebook earlier today (Apr. 15,2019), I found out that HKS also commissioned a promotional package of Original Ramen Noodles, it just about blew my mind on how awesome this JDM swag is. If you follow my blog you already know HKS came out with their own green tea passed out during last year Tokyo Auto Salon and apparently, this is the meal that’s supposed to go with it.

Check out their post below.

Keen eyes will notice that, on the box, is HKS’s TRB-03, the tuning shops time attack Toyota 86 that’s been tuned to 800 HP in race trim. The TRB-03 unofficially holds the crown at Tsukuba for a tuned car going 49.455 seconds on race tires.

To commemorate such a momentous occasion, they worked with Japanese Ramen Company Kubota to come up with a giveaway ramen noodle that serves two people.

Make no mistake, this isn’t your run of the mill box of microwave noodles, far from it. Japanese Ramen is a tasty dish made with a healthy serving of wheat noodles served in a fish-based broth and often flavored with soy sauce or miso. Popular toppings include scallions, boiled egg, sliced barbecue, green onion, seaweed, bean sprouts, an endless amount of toppings really. The only limit is your own imagination all within good taste. Suffice to say Japanese Ramen is super tasty, even pre-packaged like this.

JDM Noodles HKS
HKS has a box of promotional Ramen Noodles

I couldn’t narrow down the exact flavors but looking at the picture and if I were a betting man it looks an awful lot like Tonkotsu Ramen or Japanese Park Bone Noodle Soup. You can read more about this particular type of Ramen here. 

Also, RHD Japan’s blog has a couple of better photos here. 

Honestly, if you do get this mad JDM HKS Ramen, you aren’t going to eat it, you’re going to put it on your shelf as a conversation piece, maybe eat it on a dare.

But, after this post you find yourself craving some Japanese Ramen and don’t live near an Asian grocer, thank God for Amazon because you can get yourself some Japanese Ramen available the next day thanks to Prime.

Nongshim was a favorite in college.

So there you have it. JDM HKS Noodles. Would you eat these rare JDM Noodles if you came across a box? Let me know your .02 in the comments below!

Source: HKS USA


  1. I checked EBay and Amazon hoping someone had some for sale for my son’s birthday. I’m always trying to find something unique to give him.


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