Rent in the Bay Area is notoriously high but if you live in your car, you don’t have to bother with shelling out thousands a month. And if you’re looking for roof over your head and some snazzy wheels right now, boy have we got the car for you. According to this gem of a craigslist post that popped up yesterday (Oct. 30,2017) this 2008 Smart Car with bed and living amenities is a car that’s both cheap on gas and has enough room for you to sleep in. Check out the ad listing by clicking here and enjoy the gallery of images we’ve linked for you below.

Smart Car

The Smart Fortwo was a notoriously small car to begin with. At just 106 inches long and 61 inches wide, it’s at least 18 inches shorter and 10 inches less wide compared to a Toyota Corolla. Stuffed with a 1.0L three-cylinder engine sourced from Mitsubishi, its 70 HP and 70 lb-ft was just enough to get this two-seater legal for road use. But being small does have its advantages. Parking is a breeze, especially parking in the city, and maneuvering around traffic is less stressful.

But this isn’t your ordinary Smart Car. As you can see this one has been outfitted for living duties. Most cars meant for sleeping duties in the Silicon Valley area tend to be of the Toyota Prius or Honda Fit variety, small but roomy enough. Space in this Smart Car is at a premium. The passenger seat is now a bed with the seat reclined flat, and whatever boot space has been converted to storage for cooking and clothes.  It looks like the shelf slides out revealing a tiny workspace for when you’ve got the tailgate open.

Although this Smart Car might be a light-hearted attempt at being a fun camping vehicle, it very well may be a savior for someone needing a place to sleep. Sure, tech jobs pay a lot in the Bay Area but what if you don’t have a tech job and need a place to lay your head? A quick peak on Zillow reveals that the cheapest apartment, a 45 sq ft. studio goes for $900 a month. It’s about $2,500 a month on average. If you don’t have much cash and need some time to build up your bank account before splurging on shelter, this Smart Car sadly might work for you.


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