Final prototyping is in order which means Rotary enthusiasts will have an easier experience mating Nissan’s robust transmission to high-horsepower builds.

Disclaimer: I’m in no way a Rotary head and just saw this interesting bit of news on my Instagram feed and put up some words about it. Please, call me out for any wrong information in the comments below!

For Mazda enthusiasts who stay true to Rotary engine builds using the 13B and 20B, if they wanted to use Nissan’s CD-009 transmission with their engines, they had to use an adapter plate kit which meant cutting up a bell housing from a Mazda automatic transmission and relying on aftermarket clutches and flywheels. Now, Rotary enthusiasts have a better alternative.

According to Fisch Racing Technologies, they’re completing prototyping on a true CD009-Rotary bell housing that will come sand cast or billet. With a proper bell housing, no sacrificial automatic Mazda transmission is needed and from an aesthetic standpoint, itjust looks better.

Check out their Instagram post below.

If you didn’t already know, the CD009 transmission was the Magnum Opus for Nissan’s transmission team for their Z cars. Offered on the 05-06 350Z, 05-06 G35 Sedan, and 05-07 G35 Coupe, this latest revision had stronger synchros and is considered the best version of this transmission.

Stock, the CD-009 can handle, in some cases, 1,000+ HP without breaking a sweat. Compare that to stock Mazda transmissions throwing in the towel above 350HP.

The CD009 is also a champ in the upper rev range, an essential characteristic when shifting above 7,000 RPM.

With how cheap CD009s are compared to other options like the popular T56 Magnum or TR66060 and the CD009 is a match made in heaven for Mazda fans.

With OEM-level installation looks, bolt-on level ease of installation, and, a better-engineered solution to mate a different engine and transmission, this CD-009 Bell housing should be an easy decision for Rotary fans who want to turn up the boost to ungodly levels.

For pricing and availability, I’d subscribe to Fisch Racing Technologies Instagram feed.



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