This looks like the trifecta of a bad attitude, bad skills, and maybe even bad tires.

If you’re looking for the most recent example of Big Altima Energy, look no further.

Presumed Coachella Valley resident and Redditor /u/Mongooooooose shared dashcam video from I-10 from earlier last week (July 5, 2024) showing the unhinged moment a driver in a clapped out, white Nissan Altima made an aggressive lane change at well over 85 MPH, causing the driver to lose control, spinning 180 degrees.

Check out the dashcam video below.

These people should have their licenses revoked.
byu/Mongooooooose inMildlyBadDrivers

The incident happened in Indio, CA on the I-10 just past the Washington St. exit (Exact location on Google Maps linked here.)

As the dashcam video shows, OP is in the fast lane.

In his rearview, we can see a driver in a White Nissan Altima approaching at a high rate of speed, well past OP’s 85 MPH.

The Altima driver violently jerks her wheel to the left to cut off a driver in the middle lane but, a combination of bad driving skills, amongst one or two variables, causes her to lose control.

The Altima loses traction, rotates, and drives into the freeway barrier before bouncing off and completing her 180-degree spin.

It looks like she’s the only car involved, the rest of the traffic skillfully dodging her dangerous maneuver.

Redditor /u/DD4cLG breaks it down for us, replying in the thread with the likely explanation of what went wrong.

“Looks like a combination of bad attitude, bad skills, and bad tires.”

  • “She approaches too fast and wants to overtake the left lane from the middle lane. (Bad attitude)”
  • “She accelerates and turns hard to the middle lane, which is at 85 mph something doable if you can control your car, but she overdoes it. Reacts too slow when she is in the middle lane (Bad skill)”
  • “The car’s momentum and mass cause the back to break out. (Bad tires break out easily)”
  • “She panics and overdoes countersteering making the car go sideways and everything blocks (Bad skills again)”

“It’s already damaged from a previous accident, a little more won’t hurt!,” /u/WildTomato51 points out.

This is arguably reckless driving.

In California, reckless driving like this is a “misdemeanor punishable by up to 90 days in jail and/or a fine of $145 to $1,000.”

If anyone got injured, or worse, the aforementioned fine is subject to enhanced penalties.


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