Armed with a 200 HP turbocharged engine, nimble handling, and zero f***s to give, this Ford Fiesta ST driver’s chase played out like a true Hollywood Movie.

If you were lucky enough to tune into yesterday’s chase in Los Angeles, you were in for a real treat. According to ABC 7 news, a driver in a Ford Fiesta ST, after being stopped by police, pulled away before completing the traffic stop and led police on a high-speed and entertaining chase in and around the San Fernando Valley for close to two hours.

Towards the conclusion of the chase, in the hills of Torrance, Calif, the Ford Fiesta ST driver lost the news and police helicopter giving chase. That’s right, this Fiesta ST lost a chopper!

Check out the majority of the chase uploaded on ABC 7’s official Youtube below.

As mentioned, the police chase first started in the San Fernando Valley. The broadcaster mentions the driver already handed over his identification to police before the chase began so police already knew who this driver was.

At one point they get the driver on the phone to talk some sense into him but to no avail.

The Ford Fiesta ST, being one of the best hot hatches to grace our American shores, juked and dodged in and out of traffic on city streets and on the freeway to get away.

Fast Forward to 30:20 in the video above and, at one point, the Fiesta ST driver pulls into a convenience store parking lot, parks for a quick minute, and waits for police to pull up behind him. The Fiesta ST driver then backs up and leaves, losing CHP yet again.

The Ford Fiesta ST driver then hit the freeways headed south on the 110 into the South Bay before eventually exiting in San Pedro towards the Torrance area.

Gaining elevation and into the hillside neighborhoods, the Fiesta ST literally loses a police helicopter shielded by low fog but mainly because helicopters had to pull back because of conditions.

Heavy cloud cover over the area made it difficult for news and law enforcement choppers to track the suspect.

CHP and police did not give up that easily and continued to pursue the subject before he was eventually arrested in the Palos Verdes Estates area less than two miles away.

Don’t get it twisted, this driving was super dangerous and the driver should not have led police on such a long chase.

But, you have to admit, for everyone else watching, knowing that no one was hurt or injured, it was entertaining as heck.

If you’re a Ford Fiesta ST owner or just a fan of the car, this is Ford’s unofficial commercial/feature length film.


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