Miraculously, the dashcam owner reported only minor injuries among those involved.

Presumed SoCal resident and Redditor /u/Calvinball_Expert shared shocking dashcam footage from SR 134 (aka the Ventura Freeway) in Burbank showing a reckless driver in a Mercedes rear ending an SUV driving slowly in the right lane, causing the SUV to roll and possibly totaling both vehicles.

The SUV was presumably trying their best to slow for a tire changer stopped on the shoulder.

Check out his dashcam footage below.

[OC] Mercedes barely misses a tire-changer and causes an SUV to flip
byu/calvinball_expert inIdiotsInCars

In OP’s video, we can see what looks like a C63 Mercedes-Benz sedan speed past OP in the fast lane, probably going upwards of 85 MPH.

Weaving through traffic, the Mercedes signals right and changes two lanes at once, unaware of any upcoming obstacles in either lane.

On the shoulder, under the overpass, is a driver changing a flat tire.

The tire changer highlighted in red.

We can only presume that an SUV already in the slow lane slows to a crawl for the tire changers safety, as is the best practice for stopped vehicles, emergency or otherwise.

According to Mendez and Sanchez, a rule of thumb is too slow between 10-20 MPH below the posted speed limit.

Not seeing the slowing SUV, blocked by a dump truck, the Mercedes slams into the slowly moving SUV, narrowly missing the tire changer.

The Mercedes is damaged extensively, and the SUV rolls at least a good 270 degrees before landing on its side.

“I heard that everyone involved in the cash is OK. Only minor injuries all around,” OP commented in an update.

“I hate people that drive like that Mercedes driver. Just f***ing relax. Driving is the most dangerous thing we do every day. Stop being an idiot,” /u/RobbHope commented.

“As a longtime Angeleno, I’ve always hated that stretch of the 134. It’s full of aggressive drivers coming from the east (cough Glendale cough), and the combination of ramps, overpasses, people jumping in and out of the carpool lane just makes it a nightmare,” /u/david-saint-hubbins added.

“The Mercedes driver is an idiot, and wrong, but for the love of God, DON’T CHANGE YOUR TIRE ON THE SIDE OF THE FREEWAY. Your life is not worth a scratched up rim you may get from exiting the highway,” /u/ksb012 reminded people.

If you tend to drive this dangerously, this is your sign to knock it off lest you end up like this Mercedes driver, risking injury, possibly injuring other parties (or worse) and without a car.

And, if you find yourself with a flat and can make it to the next exit, do so. Changing a flat on the freeway is more dangerous than the flat, itself.


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