This alleged leaked window sticker has Tech, A-Spec, Advance, and Type S Integra variants, all the usual suspects.

Acura confirming the Integra coming back and slowly releasing details, like how it’s first coming out as a five-door sportback and will have a six-speed manual, has only stoked the flames for Acura fans with nostalgic feelings more so than ever before.

But, absence of key details like if there’s going to be a two-door coupe and the existence of hotter versions have left future fans of the Integra wondering and searching for answers and hints.

So, color me (and many others) surprised to find out someone might’ve leaked an official-looking window sticker alleging Acura, confirmed by this stickers existence, a two-door sportback, hotter Type S variant, and a handful of other trim levels in line with Acura’s current trim levels.

Here’s the 2023 Acura Integra window sticker in full HD with all the juicy soon-to-be revealed details.

At first glance the details like pricing and power look believable.

Priced starting at $28,990, it’s a couple thousand more expensive than the ILX an Civic Si but is still a hair under $30,000, within reach for that so-call “entry level” sport compact” market.

The engine packages follow logical choices for Acura tapping into Honda’s turbo engines with modest power bumps to make it more powerful than their counterparts that share the same engines while not stepping on its arguably superior lineup brothers (Acura Type S vs Civic Type R.)

So, is the window sticker legit?

No, the window sticker is not real and is in fact only a rendering done by a talented graphic artist.

Rob Konnerth, fan of the upcoming Integra and talented graphic designer, came up with this theoretical Integra trim and spec sheet a couple weeks ago for an Integra Facebook group and, since it looked so good, it’s been floating around the internet, passing off as the real deal.

Konnerth commented,

Decided to have a little fun and make up a theoretical Integra trim/spec sheet. Just to be clear, this isn’t real, I made this up based heavily off of the TLX trim levels and my own optimistic hopes and dreams. But figured it’d be a fun conversation starter.

Funnily enough, Facebook group member Larence Redden commented,

“Someone will take this and say that it’s from Acura. It’ll spread like wildfire.”

Despite this being a rendering, it, as many commenters mentioned, looks like the real deal and is, in my opinion, a good predictor of future trim levels.

So, until Acura reveals official details, which should be in a couple of weeks if my prediction is right, consider this window sticker 100 percent fake.


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