Plans for the 2019 Honda Civic Type R are dynamic and changing, but always for the benefit of the consumer.

If this latest rumor based on some sort of evidence is true, we might be looking at a lighter, faster, and ultimately cheaper version of the 2019 Honda Civic Type R dubbed the base model. As per our friends over at Temple of VTEC earlier today (Sept. 27,2018) Honda might’ve inadvertently spilled the beans on a cheaper, base model Honda Civic Type R. It looks like an accessories brochure for the 2019 Honda Civic Type R hit the internet earlier today and it clearly shows a cheaper looking Honda Civic Type R with the biggest change to the headlights. Check out that photo below.


I know less than a week ago, I blogged that Honda was seriously considering two versions of the 2019 Honda Civic Type R, a GT version and a track focused one but it looks like Honda might be shuttering plans on both of those models in favor of a simpler approach, a base model trim and a touring trim.

The biggest proof that there’s a base 2019 Honda Civic Type R on the way is the absence of LED headlights on the one illustrated in the accessories catalog which swaps those LED’s out for what looks like Halogen Projector headlights found on the Civic Si.

If Honda starts picking from lower in their parts bin, expect this base model 2019 Honda Civic Type R to do away with two speakers and a bit of watts, downgrading from Touring’s 12 speaker and 540 watt setup to the Civic Si’s 10 speaker and 450 watt setup. Oh, the humanity.

As the photo shows, look for the base model to have its side mirrors come possibly unpainted, saving a couple hundred there. Honda MIGHT not even paint the wing.

Although we can’t see, Honda JUST might swap a set of high-performance all-seasons around all four corners instead of the super sticky but expensive Continental ContiSportContact 6’s. I’d expect this replacement tire to be just as good as the Conti’s in 8/10ths driving where most Honda Civic Type R owners spend their time.

TOV mentions that this base model might have standard coilovers in place of Honda’s active suspension but I don’t think Honda would go that far to rob performance from the Honda Civic Type R at the expense of price.

Save for possibly less sound deadening, possibly cheaper bolstered seats, a simplified and lighter exhaust system and a smaller infotainment screen, I really don’t see where else Honda might make the base model…more base.

Expect this cheaper Honda Civic Type R to sell for around $3-5 thousand less than MSRP to both boost the number of people buying this Civic Type R and to appeal to the “hard core track” enthusiasts.

As mentioned in my previous article, Honda was going to start production January next year, but it looks like the timeline moved up some (possibly because of this cheaper and more basic base model plan?) to October with the 2019s in showrooms by December.

We know for sure Honda IS making a 2019 Honda Civic Type R.

We’ll have to play the waiting game to see what exactly happens.


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