You didn’t think our POTUS was going to show up at a UN General Meeting in Obama’s old ride, did you?

New Yorkers got a rare treat, as far as car enthusiasts go, when they saw the Presidential Motorcade rolling down the streets of New York. No longer was US President Donald Trump rolling in Barack Obama’s worn out Cadillac Limo dubbed, “The Beast”, President Trump was spotted in his new and improved “Beast 2.0” with sleek styling up front and presumably improvements made all around. As per Autoblog on their exclusive piece on the Potus’s sighting they put up earlier yesterday (Sept. 26,2018) it looks like the five years it’s been in development has been well worth the wait.

Escorting a President through the streets of Manhattan is no easy task. You better believe before any car drove through the official route, the location’s been scouted days in advance. Even then, although the video is more than five minutes long, it takes a full three minutes of cars rolling by until we actually see President Trump’s new limo, or should I say two limos as there’s an exact copy of his limo behind him.

Compared to the old Beast, this new limo looks so much better. Here’s a couple of shots I found on Twitter for you to enjoy.

If you’re wondering why this new limo is so large and why its tires are so gargantuan, keep in mind that the chassis underneath is the same one found on road legal semi’s also built by GM.

Underneath the hood of this monstrous limo is a diesel engine capable of getting the President in and out of sticky situations as needed. I imagine Cadillac has tuned this engine to provide additional power on demand. You’re going to need power because this thing supposedly weighs between seven and 10 tons. The old Beast got around 8 MPG and I imagine this new limo gets around the same.

Like any good Presidental limo, this one’s armed to the gills, is heavily armored on every possible surface, and could probably survive heavy fire if attacked.

Congrats to our Potus on his new ride. If its good enough for Trump, it’s probably good enough for several years to come.


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