Kia is swinging for the fences with their second generation Kia Soul EV, one that triples its range all for an affordable price.

The current Kia Soul EV wasn’t much of a looker nor did its exterior design lend itself to the EV crowd that inherently wants to stand out, and its sales show that. Kia’s looking to change that in a major way with a new Kia Soul. As per Car Scoops on their exclusive spy shots they published earlier today (Sept. 26,2018) Kia is going to triple range, way more than the 111 miles EPA rated range it has now, and it’s going to have the looks and all the tech to back it up. Check out the photos from Car Scoops by following the link I posted above.

It’s hilariously unmistakable, although Kia does its best to camouflage, that what they spied is, in fact, the next-gen Soul EV. If the lack of a tailpipe didn’t clue you in, then I don’t know what will. It’s no mystery that Kia is preparing a new Kia Soul, forget about an EV variant. The 2020 Kia Soul, as these spy photos show, retains the same shape as its predecessor but is much sleeker, refined, and conveys a slightly more upscale presence than its price tag lets on. You can imagine that the EV will sport a different front end and have exclusive functional styling cues that identify it as an EV.

It’s as if Kia did it on purpose but these spy photos show the estimated range on the central display shows a whopping 271 miles of range with 92 percent battery charge. Given a full charge, and using a bit of proportional maths, that’s equivalent to a 294-mile range on a full charge. You better believe Kia will round that number up to 300 by tweaking the EV motors and getting this Soul EV ready for its EPA test cycle, which is notoriously brutal to EV range estimates.

Don’t look to Tesla to democratize cheap EVs for the masses, look to the S. Koreans. Tesla reintroduced and popularized the EV for our generation and now Kia is making one for the everyday man.

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