If he’d entered the roundabout a half second later, a head-on collision would’ve ensued, leading to several months of phone calls and body shop work.

Presumed Sooner and Redditor /u/BadlyAaronHere shared surprising dashcam footage from the suburbs of Norman, OK to the /r/IdiotsInCars subreddit showing the near head-on collision he had with a driver entering a roundabout going the wrong way.

Check out his video below.

This is why you follow the rules, even when you think you’re alone on the road [OC]
byu/BadlyAaronHere inIdiotsInCars

The incident happened as OP was entering the roundabout in the 1300 Block of Woodcreek Dr. (Exact location on Google Maps linked here.)

As you can see in his video, he’s entering this roundabout at residential speeds going counterclockwise, the way you’re supposed to enter and as illustrated on the sign jutting from it.

Sign on this roundabout showing how you should enter.

All of a sudden and halfway through, OP almost T-bones a driver in a black Honda Accord entering from the wrong way.

Either they didn’t know how to use this roundabout, or they’d gotten so used to taking a shortcut that this is just what they do.

Had OP entered a half second later, he would’ve T-boned or had a head-on with them, no doubt.

“I’d like to think he’s not a moron, just that his lack of judgment was nearly a very expensive and inconvenient mistake. All he had to do was drive the extra 10 feet,” OP commented in the thread.

“If I had been driving my other car, of which the brakes don’t stop on a dime, I definitely would have hit him.”

The top comment pointed out how bad an idea it is to have shrubs blocking visibility.

“Whoever put 3+ foot bushes on the roundabout like that assumed the best from humanity,” /u/Schnydesdale commented

“If this is America, some people genuinely have no clue what the **** to do at roundabouts. It’s absolutely ****ing wild how dumb people get when they see one,” /u/gellybelli bluntly put it.

“That person has done that several times and will continue to do it,” /u/ExtraCrispyBu**chks predicted.

As OP titled his thread, this is why doing the right thing when you think no one is watching is important.

/u/DocBiggie summed it up quite well when he commented,

“My son asked me why it’s so important to do things like signal and fully stop if you’re alone on the road. Told him that it’s the people you DON’T see who are the most important people to follow the rules around.”


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