Using his Cybertruck for business might be the boost in marketing he needs.

Cybertruck owner Sam Khacherian isn’t getting attention on Southern California roads for dailying his Tesla Truck, but is instead turning heads for how he’s using it.

Fellow Cybertruck owner Jeffrey Briney shared a photo of Khacherian’s truck on Facebook to the “Cybertruck Owners Only Group” and it’s certainly getting a lot of attention.

Here’s the unblurred photo below.

Speedy Sam’s Pool Service Cybertruck

As the photo shows, Khacherian’s Cybetruck’s got a dolly hanging off of it with turquoise, corrugated pool hose, what looks like cylinders of pool chemicals, and various connections hanging on for dear life.

Inside the Cybetruck’s bed, we can see various reels of hose and presumably other pool cleaning-related equipment.

It should come as no surprise, but Khacherian’s earnestly using his Cybertruck as a work truck for his pool business.

A Google search reveals that Khacherian’s the owner and operator of Speedy Sam’s Pool Service, a So-Cal based pool service and repair company he started in 2017.

“Thanks Guys,” Khacherian replied in the comments to all the well-wishers.

If you’re wondering if this was a one-day sort of thing, Khacherian semi-confirmed that this is for real, and it’s about to get serious.

“Soon, it will be wrapped…Here is a rough design.”

A rough design of what his Cybertruck turned Pool Cleaning and Repair work truck will look like.

Honestly, this is a genius move that will get him a lot of publicity.

Even in that small Facebook group, two people already spotted him driving on the freeway and around town.

I imagine when it’s wrapped, it’ll drum up a lot of business, for sure. What other pool cleaner’s got a Cybertruck? In the United States, I bet only Speedy Sam’s does.

And, as he’s using it for business, he can take a Section 179 deduction, which will lower his purchase price significantly.

Using a truck for work, what a revolutionary idea.


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