“Watch out for those fresh greens,” warns this Redditor.

Presumed Illinois resident and Redditor /u/JarlBallin_ shared head shaking dashcam footage to the /r/IdiotsInCars subreddit showing a boneheaded driver blasting through an intersection a good three seconds after their light turned red.

Check out the incriminating video for yourself below.

Watch Out For Those Fresh Greens [OC]
byu/JarlBallin_ inIdiotsInCars

The red light runner was caught on dashcam at the intersection of Illinois Route 50 and Mulligan Dr. in Bradley, IL (exact location on Google Maps linked here.)

The dashcam video is straightforward.

We see OP slow to a stop, like you’re supposed to.

All of a sudden, a driver in a blue Infiniti Q50 blasts by OP, their brake lights never turning on.

It looks an awful lot like they planned to blast through that red light regardless.

“Given his apparent speed and probably attention, I doubt he could have stopped if he wanted to,” /u/DebianDog commented.

“What’s the problem, nothing happened?! Jokes aside, this is what I call dark red. It was dangerous, illegal and plain stupid,” /u/gb355253 added.

“ABS wouldn’t have saved this moron. Following the speed limit, however,” /u/IllurinatiL replied.

Running a red light in Illinois is subject to a fine of about $100 before fees. That base fine practically doubles if you don’t pay it on time.

Fine aside, the real danger of running red lights is increasing your chances of getting into an accident, affecting innocent drivers.

I feel like this driver is used to pulling this move, which is unfortunate as, I hate to say, it’s only a matter of time before they get into some kind of incident.

A newly turned green light nowadays doesn’t mean go, but taking a beat, looking both ways, and then going after you’re reasonably sure no red light runner is coming.


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