It looks like the weekend started early because this Shelby GT500 Mustang already took the first major L at H2Oi Ocean City, MD and flipped over a median.

Update 1: Helmet cam video

Update 2 Infiniti G35 jumps curb, march of the bananas, and random arrests. 

Update 3- Random dude yelling at a Honda bro, guy falls out of VW Bus in H2Oi NJ, and vandalism.

You couldn’t script it better than this. It looks like early reports are filtering in over social media that a Ford Mustang took home first honors for being “that guy” at this year’s return to the “most ticked car show in America.” As per Nyce1’s, an Instagram account that’s providing coverage from the popular Euro meet earlier today (Sept. 28,2018) a Ford Mustang lost control, hit a median, flipped on its roof and looks to be totaled. You’ll be glad to know that no one was hurt in the ensuing crash and that the owner walked away. Check out the videos below!


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If you didn’t already know, Sept. 28 marks the return of H2Oi to Ocean City, Maryland, a weekend car show unofficially started at this oceanside city although the real car show was almost an hour away at a campground. Like a Woodstock of sorts, car enthusiasts from all over reserve rooms and houses in and around the city to enjoy themselves all in the name of fun and cars.

It’s a mixed bag of responses from locals. Some hate the kids returning in droves while others like the change of pace, albeit their peaceful town does admittedly get a bit chaotic. Here’s local news reporting on the former.

In response, local police have already instituted a 30 MPH event zone where all of Ocean City, Maryland is now limited to 30 MPH to curb this type of behavior. Fines up to $530 and 90 days in jail are the punishment.

The actual H2Oi isn’t even supposed to be in Maryland with the official show moved to a parking garage in Atlantic City.

Nevertheless, kids and youths are flocking from all over as is the tradition.

As for this Mustang owner, it looks like its game over for him this weekend. It’s as if we didn’t already need a reminder about the memes.

H2Oi Atlantic City, NJ and Ocean City, MD are officially underway.

Stay safe out there guys and if you’re going to do any funny business, just be prepared to take responsibility including fines etc.



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