H2Oi wraps up this weekend but not before a couple of incidents caught my eye on social media.

A good amount of H2Oi MD attendees woke up today with hangovers, and for good reason. As this epic weekend of burnouts, debauchery, tickets, and shenanigans wraps up, here are a couple of highlights that caught my eye earlier today (Sept. 30,2018) worth mentioning for posterity’s sake.

First, there’s this drunk bro going off on some Honda Accord enthusiast whose setting up said Accord in front of a bit of spilled over sand. Three stories above the impromptu photo shoot, this clearly inebriated fellow with a hundred feet separating himself from the Honda Accord guy downstairs, begins a tirade of insults and overall hate thrown that Honda guys way.

It’s sort of an unwritten rule that H2Oi is very Euro heavy but that doesn’t necessarily imports can’t roll through. Despite this, this gives no right for anyone to start hating on a car just because you don’t agree with what’s on the badge. Don’t be this dude.

Next, it looks like the only bit of shenanigans that caught the internet’s attention over at the official H2Oi in Atlantic City, NJ was this drunk person falling out of the passenger seat of a slammed VW Bus. Perhaps this particular bus doesn’t have seatbelts for all its passengers. Nevertheless, at the very least, the door should be able to stay hinged. Whose man is this?

Finally, it looks like H2Oi Ocean City, MD has left a bunch of vandalism and overall a slightly bittersweet taste in the mouths of Ocean City residents and police. Although there weren’t full out riots and hooliganism was concentrated to a few hot spots, mix in a couple of random fights, H2Oi didn’t end without a token bit of vandalism like this.


It looks like public works will have their hands full, cleaning up whatever y’all left behind. Overall, H2Oi was a lot more tame, from a birds-eye view, than I expected it to be. Sure, there were a couple of bad apples with the burnouts and the fighting, but did you really think a gathering of thousands of teenagers and twenty-somethings was going to be somewhat civil?

Also, I say bittersweet because a lot of stories I watched online over social media was happening in bars, restaurants, and hotels, giving Ocean City a bit of economic boost. People gotta eat, right?

Sunday isn’t officially over, there’s still some fun to be had, and I’ll update y’all about anything that happens.

Also, I’m curious what the tally was for tickets, arrests, and impounds as per OCPD.

Drive safe as you all head home!



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