It’s absolute mayhem in Ocean City, MD during H2Oi 2018 but what do you expect when the city’s population doubles overnight, full of youths and their straight piped Jettas.

There’s honestly way too much stuff happening at H2Oi 2018 Ocean City, MD AKA the most ticked car show in the world but here are three things, besides that Flipstang, that caught my eye scrolling through social media. First, there’s an Infiniti G35 coupe that tried to SEND IT but ended up over a curb, then there’s the bananas, and finally, OCPD is like, “You get a ticket, you get a ticket, everyone get’s a ticket.” And what else are they supposed to do?

First, there’s an Infiniti G35 that went full chort trying to peel out before straightening out (rookie mistake) on cold tires. Physics took over and he understeered into a curb. Check out that embarrassing video and the aftermath below.


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Another H2Oi cool driver👌 📽@thatbimmerkidd / @ocmdrollcall Location: Ocean City / Maryland

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And of course, y’all meme’d him good. A part of me feels sorry for him, but that shirt though. Whose man is this?


Next, there was an organized march of bananas. God Bless y’all for this. This is lowkey what H2Oi should be, harmless fun, just a bunch of bananas marching around. Whomever organized this masterful quasi-flashmob of potassium, major props to you, sir.


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The bananas ars out! 🤣 #marchofthebananas #h2no2018 #h2no

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LEGENDARY. #h2oi2018

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OC Md H2Oi March of the Bananas 2018 … lmao #marchofthebananas #h2oi2018 #ocmd

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If anyone would like to explain to me what exactly the bananas mean or if there’s no meaning at all, go ahead and leave a comment down below, or not.

Finally, there’s the amount of ticketing going on. As per OCPD and City Council months ago, the entire area is a special events zone which means police will pull you over if you go over 30 MPH. 31 MPH? License and registration please.

On top of this, police are extra vigilant literally presumably pulling 24-hour shifts, enforcing any and every law. I saw someone on Facebook live get arrested for loitering on a crosswalk. There’s a zero tolerance level of ticketing going on and it would behoove any of y’all to stay lowkey or get up high, on a balcony or something.

I’m going to assume the “Send it” and shenanigans are going to go on throughout the night until the majority of people break for brunch and say their goodbyes.

Stay safe, y’all. Use the buddy system, keep your phone charged, and make H2Oi 2018 Ocean City the best you’ve ever done it because I have a feeling things might be different in 2019.


  1. I am the creator of the March of the Bananas, it started the year of the hurricane in 2015. We were at Walmart doing our food shopping and i walked past the Halloween decorations/costumes. The banana stood out to me and I impulse bought it with full intentions to walk the strip trolling people. Fast forward to 2016, I got arrested in the banana costume because I was trying to assist OCFD because there was a car in the bus lane at a red light while an ambulance was coming. Being a fireman myself I just wanted to help and walked down to the car forgetting I was holding a solo cup full of beer, slightly intoxicated. 3 bike cops pulled me back and started yelling at me, I explained the situation but lets be honest whos gonna listen to a drunk banana. Needless to say, they handcuffed me and wrote me a citation for the open container. I had to drive 4 hours there and 4 hours back for a 160$ fine so this originally was my F#*! you to the town but its become more than that. Its become a fun harmless way to attend the H2Oi and its gets people off the road. Hopefully ill see you this your attending the march!


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