You better believe Honda is going to give their Civic Si a mid-cycle refresh to keep it in line with the rest of the Civic lineup.

Although the Civic Si trim level hit the market just last year that doesn’t mean Honda won’t bring it in line with the rest of its Civic lineup. As per the latest Honda rumor to hit the rumor mill earlier today (Sept. 17, 2018) it looks like the 2019 Honda Civic Si will most likely get the same front end treatment that Honda threw at the rest of the Civic lineup.

Civic Sport trim
The new Sport Trim for 2019 Civic

The 2019 Honda Civic mid-cycle refresh was, in my opinion, a result of customer advice that saw chrome trim on the sedans to go away, a cleaner looking front bumper that did away with the larger than life faux front air vents and overall cleaned up the front looks like a good mid-cycle refresh does.

For 2019, you those styling cues will transfer over to the Civic Si.

Here’s what user Paprocjo had to say about this update,

Went to the dealership Saturday to order as SI since they couldn’t find what I was looking for. When the salesman went to order it he found out there would be no more 2018’s being built and that the 2019 would be receiving a face-lift. He couldn’t give me any details other then it would only be effecting the exterior of the car. Who knows what’s actually true but we could be seeing a new look on the SI for 2019.

The press release for the Civic mid-cycle refresh back in August doesn’t mention this update so I’m assuming Honda wanted us to hash that one out for us, ourselves, but I’m spelling it out for you now.

Another possibility and I’m going out on a limb here, is that Honda might be throwing a bit of power the Civic Si’s way. Consider that Honda is already testing the 2019 Honda Civic Type R on the Nurburgring and that Civic Type R is sporting some exterior upgrades that hint at something slightly more powerful under the hood.

Compared to the Civic 1.5T found in the EX-T and above, the Civic Si gets its power bump thanks to more aggressive turbo vanes, the same turbo found in the CR-V. I can see Honda throwing 5 HP the 2019 Civic Si’s way. It’s enough to excite Si fans and won’t step on the Type R’s toes.

A new front and rear look with a bit more power for the Civic Si. You heard it here first.


  1. Well it certainly looks like it’s a little bit of an improvement but, I’m going to wait for the 11th generation before I sell my fifth generation. Still just something about this overall design that looks like it was designed by a pimply faced, sexually conflicted 14-year-old who is heavily into transformers.


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