This Acura NSX with barely enough miles for an oil-change is already on pace to break Bring A Trailer’s record for NSX sales.

If you wanted another auction where NSX’s are selling for “too damn high” here another one. As per Bring A Trailer on their latest NSX listing to hit the internet earlier today (Sept. 17, 2018) this 1991 Acura NSX somehow got through 27 years of existence and now just has 2,600 miles (2,586 miles to be exact) on the odometer. The most expensive auction bid for an NSX hammered last year for a 2002 Acura NSX-T with just 9,000 miles on the odometer for $85,000 but that one was 11 years newer whereas this one is considerably older yet has less miles, aka an unrestored JDM gem.

Allow me to rattle off the tail of the tape just because I like typing out this V6’s specs. Just behind the driver sits an NA V6 that puts out a generous, for the time, 270 HP and 210 lb-ft with all power routed to the rear wheels through a 5-speed manual.

The original owner had the foresight to buy this car back in 1991 and kept it in his collection for all this time, barely driven. The MSRP was $60,000 back in 1991 which is roughly $112,000 in today’s money. That just gives you an idea of how much these cars cost back then.

There are few if any imperfections with this example. Although it’s pretty much showroom condition, a sitting car isn’t exactly a mint car as the seals dry out and parts that normally would get lubricated through driving, aren’t seeing use. To prepare this car for sale, the owner paid for a $3,000 service that included a thorough vehicle inspection, fresh gas, a new battery, new hatch struts, lube, oil, and filter, and more importantly, a new ABS modulator that failed internally from just sitting.

In addition, there’s a tiny depression on the driver’s front fender. But, other than that, this is as factory mint as it gets. Dare I say this NSX has fewer miles than some of Honda’s factory NSX’s they’ve got stored in their museums.

As mentioned, with seven days left this JDM gem is sitting at $31,000. I reckon it’ll crest $85,000 easily.


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