Ford may have focused more on crossovers than cars but that doesn’t mean they’re abandoning the segment altogether.

Earlier this month I blogged about how Ford is coming out with a range-topping Ford Mustang GT500 for MY 2019. Well, it looks like Ford is really going to stretch the legs of this iconic car, so to speak, by offering up something completely different for its Mustang fans. As per’s /r/cars subreddit on the Ford exclusive dealer show where this information was announced earlier last week(Oct. 28,2018), Ford also announced they’re bringing out a sedan variant of the Ford Mustang and swapping in a V8 with forced induction.

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Also in this niche market that Ford is trying to penetrate with this rumored Mustang sedan is the Porsche Panamera and Audi A7, both which only sell a couple hundred units a month, not exactly the levels of sales you’d expect from a manufacturer that caters to blue-collar car buyers, so, this rumor is slightly confusing.

Nevertheless, the idea of a Mustang Sedan with a honking V8 underneath the hood sounds so…American. Initial first impressions I’ve come across online don’t like that Ford might use the Mustang name to sell this sedan and I agree.

At the presumed price point a couple thousand cheaper than the aforementioned Audi A7 and Porsche Panamera, Ford should seriously consider using the Lincoln brand name. Not since the Lincoln LS and Mark VIII has Lincoln truly had its own “Hot Rod Lincoln.”

At its peak, the Lincoln LS sold around 33,000 LS in 2003. A similar figure can be quoted for the Lincoln Mark VIII for MY 1993, selling around 32,000 VIII’s. Clearly, there is a market for a V8 Lincoln sedan, or in the case of the Mark VIII, a sporty coupé from Ford’s luxury brand.

Rumor is a turbo V8 is in the works for this Mustang sedan which is hard to believe given that Ford’s Modular V8 already puts out a whopping 526 HP and 429 lb-ft in its 5.2L variant. I think Ford will stick with an NA Modular power plant of some sort.

It’s a radical idea, coming out with a Mustang sedan, and I hope that there’s some truth to these rumors.


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