Sinister_Lifestyle is what happens when you tell your five-year-old nephew a secret and you KNOW he’s going to tell the entire family so that’s why you do it.

You’d think that Ford can do a better job keeping a secret about its upcoming cars. After all, they were the ones who rained all over Acura’s NSX launch two years ago when they dropped their all-new Ford GT that seemingly no one knew about. As per Motor Trend, Road & Track and pretty much every car outlet earlier today (Oct. 19,2018) this Instagram and Youtube star named Sinister_Lifestyle got his 15 minutes of fame when he uploaded a watermarked image of what’s pretty much the 2020 Shelby GT500 Mustang, Ford’s answer to the other Big 3’s high-horsepower cars.

I find it so hilarious because usually when you come across spy shots, at the very least, they have better resolution than this potato camera photo and don’t have a watermark tracing that photo back to who posted it.

With a bit of Googling you can find out just WHO Sinister_lifestyle is. His name is Kyle Yaldo, a 20-year-old Michigan native who I believe is working in real estate, but don’t quote me on that. Yes, he did grow up with wealthy parents, no he didn’t go to college, he seems to be working under his dad and from what I can tell, he still lives at home. I only know this because Yaldo posted up a twenty-minute video explaining this last year but ain’t nobody got time for that so I just skimmed the transcript.

Here’s his Instagram account.

He seems very proud of his post, which is expected from a young buck whose come across a juicy piece of information. Mustang 6G reports that Ford is holding its dealer meetings and presentations in what I assume is Las Vegas which is where this photo comes from.

The only reason Kyle would put his @ on the photo was to get more followers, obviously. After falling asleep and waking up to all this press with his photo, Mr. Yaldo started advertising himself on Instagram stories, asking you to sub to his Youtube and telling his followers about the new shop he’s working on.


So, there you have it. Sinister_Lifestyle is one of those up and coming Instagrammers/Youtubers/Influencers/whatever who you’re going to see more of since he’s got the disposable income for shenanigans.

Just don’t look to Ford for any invites to feature vehicle launches or endorsements Mr. Yaldo because I think you’ve pretty much burned that bridge.


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