This NSX Rumormonger on Temple Of VTEC says the new NSX gets a shade of yellow and more power. I say, “Bring it on!”

It’s hard to believe but the new NSX has already been on the market coming on three years now. While Acura dropped a substantial update on the NSX last year, according to RolledANSX on earlier last week (May. 28,2019) he’s 100 percent confident that Indy Yellow Pearl will be an option but more importantly, the NSX might get a blip in power.

Indy Yellow Pearl NSX
A rendering of what a Spa Yellow NSX might look like

Indy Yellow?

First, the most likely true rumor out of the two is the return of Indy Yellow Pearl or Y-52P. According to NSX Prime, the first gen NSX got Indy Yellow Pearl as an option in 1997. In the United States, UK, and Germany, this color was known as Spa Yellow Pearl, Daytona Yellow Pearl, and Indy Gelb Pearl respectively.

The Honda S2000 is the other Honda car with this uncommon color.

Looking at photos online of the first-gen NSX in this color, even in full sunlight, this shade is definitely leaning on the lighter side, not as striking to the eyes but not as muted like a Subaru Sonic Yellow or something.

True or not, Indy Yellow Pearl seems a logical choice for the color palette. It looks like even the Civic Type R might be getting yellow too.

Power Bump

In 1997, a full seven years after the first gen NSX was on the market, Honda threw a sizeable 7-ish percent power bump the NSX’s way from 270 HP to 290 HP thanks to a thinner cylinder liner that bumped displacement from 3.0L to 3.2L.

Will history repeat itself for 2020 with a similar bump in power? As per RolledANSX,

“I’m hearing rumors of power going up to 600–620hp (total). HP upgrade all in ICE.(30-50 more from ICE). And on the dyno, the engine will be really closer to 600hp during perfect conditions. Closer to 488 power. “

The Ferrari 488 GTB makes an astounding 661 HP and 561 lb-ft from a Twin-Turbo V8.

Personally, I’d like Acura to find enough power to give the Nissan Nismo GTR a run for its money. Watching the NSX get gapped by a Nissan on Tsukuba in this Best Motoring comparo really stuck in my craw.

Type R?

While we’re on the subject of rumors, Acura PR confirmed that the Forbes article floating around was a lot like this article, pure rumor.

What do you think about my two new NSX rumors, yellow and more power? Let me know in the comments below!


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