It’s been more than a month since this family lost two suddenly in a crash that took five but they’re still left with more questions than answers. Now they’re asking the public’s help if they saw anything.

Earlier last month I blogged about the unfortunate crash that took place near the West Frankfort exit off of I-57 in Illinois that claimed five lives.  An SUV rear-ended a tractor-trailer at speed that only left one survivor. The family of two of the victims in that crash have contacted me for the sole purpose to find the truth from first-hand witnesses who may have seen this crash occur or might have pertinent information that can help the investigation.

According to The Southern, one of the reporting outlets with specific details, the crash happened

…Thursday afternoon on May 2 near the West Frankfort exit on Interstate 57 northbound. The crash was reported to Illinois State Police at 1:52 p.m. Thursday,

As mentioned, witnesses are urged to step forward to contact  Toni Jackson at

I will update this post with official investigation contact information as it comes in.

Refuting and condemning texting and driving rumors

One of the main reasons why that Jackson family is asking for witnesses is to clear the truth, once and for all, around rumors that one or more of the victims in the crash was “texting and driving.”

As I mentioned and all but proved false in my previous blog post, thanks to one witness photo, a handful of Facebook members took it upon themselves to alter the truth behind that photo to shed a negative light, for whatever harebrained reason, on those that perished.

Additionally, the family of the victims were shocked, to say the least, at comments highlighting the victims’ age as if that was a source of comfort.

In reaching out to me, the Jackson family provided me with this statement in regards to the victim’s integrity and because, frankly, it’s my duty to share this truth.

“…I can say unequivocally, there was no TEXTING and DRIVING involved in the accident. The only time my folks used their phones was when they wanted to make a call. Their phones were off otherwise. My mother was the exception to them but she was only a step above and she was not driving, nor would she ever be texting while riding in the front seat. These were their life habits, and there never would have been any Texting while Driving.

Secondly, despite the ages of 75 plus years, they were ROAD WARRIORS who traveled the highway for years together. Their final trip together to Chicago was a routine common journey traveled countless times, by that same five, over the years, but with a vastly different outcome. No one had a seizure, fell asleep at the wheel, or went on a suicide mission driving full speed into the back of a trailer. SOMETHING HAPPENED. Based on the atmosphere in the car, seconds before the crash, according to the lone survivor, my cousin, we believe this to be true, something happened.”

The victim’s family has confirmed that there is an ongoing investigation being handled by the proper authorities but no details of that investigation have been released as of late.

Perhaps, with this blog post, someone will have new information or a fresh set of eyes for the proper investigators to gather facts from.

Please refer to the contact information I’ve posted above if this blog post pertains to you in any way. Any details you provide will be channeled to where it needs to go.


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