Rumor has it that the third-gen Acura NSX will be all-electric and will pack some serious punch with all its power going to all four wheels.

It’s a bit premature, in my opinion, for Acura to start dropping hints on what the third generation Acura NSX will be but it’s not like anyone’s stopping them. According to Clean Technica on their update on a post that showed up last year (Oct. 29,2018), Honda’s head of research and development, Sekino Yosuke hopes and is aiming for the next-gen Acura NSX to follow in the footsteps of its Pikes Peak four-motor all-electric NSX racecar with this new NSX having all that electric torque going to all four wheels in a true AWD setup. And here’s why that kind of makes sense.

Let’s face it. Acura poured a heck of a lot of R&D into the second generation Acura NSX. There aren’t official figures out there off the top of my head but it has to be in the hundreds of millions. To date, Acura has only sold 972 NSX’s in the United States alone. There are literally dozens sitting in dealerships collecting dust. Acura doesn’t need to get every single dollar back on what it spent and the Acura NSX has already done a fairly good job, in my opinion, being a halo car for the Honda brand winning races with their GT3 program and trickling down new tech to the rest of its lineup, but Acura would probably like to squeeze as much potential out of this chassis as possible.

NSX used to stand for new sportscar experimental but that changed to New sportscar experience but I think Acura will bring the NSX back to its roots with its third generation.

As mentioned, it’s still too soon to be talking about the next-gen NSX given the second gen just came out two years ago, but the writing is already on the wall for powertrains. By 2022, when Clean Technica predicts the third-gen NSX will come out, motor and battery technology will have progressed so much that a 1000 HP electric motor setup, be it quad or dual setup, will be commonplace.

This current NSX chassis has so much more to give. I know diehards are hankering for a RWD only version sans electric motors, and Acura might come out with that, perhaps a Type R, but as for the future, it’s all-electric.

Consider the Pikes Peak NSX which these rumors are based. The future is already here. Honda is perfecting its Super Handling AWD to handle the twisties best suited when power comes from electric torque. Take a look at how well this NSX handles!

If this is 2018 electric motor tech, God only knows how advanced drivetrains with electric power will be in 2022.

One thing’s for sure, if the NSX is around, it’s going to take advantage of all that power.

Source: Clean Technica


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