Honda is slimming down its Honda Accord trim variants and its sayonara to the 1.5T Touring.

The new Honda Accord 1.5T Touring trim has always been an odd choice and it looks like sales numbers aren’t panning out. According to my favorite source for all things Honda rumors on the interwebs earlier last week (Aug. 25, 2018), Temple of VTEC member VH2K reported that one particular Honda dealership has the inside scoop on this particular Honda Accord trim getting the axe, specifically that Honda won’t carry over the Touring trim for the 1.5T. The only engine you can get with Touring now is the 2.0T.

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The Touring trim is the Accord’s highest trim level, a full $10,000 and some change more expensive at $33,800 than the starting MSRP for an Accord. As such, I can only assume Touring trim shoppers shelling out that much for a Honda Accord weren’t going to get everything that comes with the Touring Trim package without also springing for its largest engine.

And that makes sense, honestly. Along with a grocery list of standard items only optional on other trims like Full-LED headlamps, a heads-up display, wireless device charging, and ventilated rear seats is Honda’s exclusive Adaptive Damper System with Sport mode that comes with two modes to select from, normal or sport.

Paired to the 1.5T engine with 192 HP and 192 lb-ft, I reckon Accord Touring trim shoppers weren’t going to let this amazing suspension system that, yes takes its technology from the ‘Ring ripping Civic Type R, about to go to waste with an available 2.0T for just $2,000 more.

Accord shoppers know they’re choosing Accord over Camry because of its sporty driving tendencies over Camry’s mastery of full-size sedan-ness.

If these presumptions are true, I guess the 1.5T Touring trim wasn’t exactly flying off the lots.

Earlier this month I reported on Civic sales, and car sales, in general, taking a massive dip. And yes, that includes Accords as well.

Honda is doubling down on their truck lineup and needs to push out more CR-Vs, HR-Vs, MDXs, RDXs, Ridgelines, and Pilots etc. You get the picture. Plus, there’s the new Passport on the way.

Yes, Honda opened up an expansion to its Alabama plant but that’s for more trucks.

It’s the survival of the fittest out there and Honda is poised to stay on top with a strong truck lineup. And that means trimming down on unnecessary trims.

So, get your Honda Accord 1.5T’s while you can.



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