A variant of the NC1 NSX believed to be the new NSX Type R was spotted hot-footing it on a freeway in France.

Those angular C shaped headlights, the wheels, and that low slung shape, it’s undeniable that this camouflaged car spotted in Strasbourg, France is the new NC1 NSX, but what variant? According to ThatDamnNsx on a photo he shared earlier today on Instagram (Nov. 10, 2018) a hot new variant of the NSX was spotted bombing down a freeway in Strasbourg.

A cursory search online shows no other photo like this exists on the internet so, I’ve reached out to the photo owner for additional information.

But, what can we infer about this photo.


First, the most obvious difference is that large rear GT3 style diffuser jutting out the bottom. When I first read that this camo’d NSX was spotted, my initial thoughts were that this was not the Type R but rather a Type S. Afterall, Acura has confirmed the return of the Type S in an earlier press release (along with a V6 Turbo of some sort.) But, a large rear diffuser is not the MO of a Type S, a bit of weight savings here and there and a new suspension setup is what defined the Type S NSX in the past. A large rear diffuser says racecar, and there’s only one trim level for Honda where racecar is synonymous with their trim levels, the legendary Type R.


If this is indeed the NSX Type R then boy, oh boy are we in for a treat. There are various definitions of Type R and the purest definition of Type R is a literal racecar on the streets that strips all creature comforts in favor of making the fastest car Honda can make. That’s why the new Civic Type R gained earned some flack from Type R enthusiasts for being, in some ways, to comfortable.

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If it’s the loss of weight which defines a racecar, as is tradition for Type R, then say goodbye to those torque vectoring motors up front but Acura will keep the torque filling electric motor out back. Not my words, by the way, but the words of my favorite rumor monger on the NSX on Temple of VTEC, RolledANsx.

Expect Acura to have a more powerful electric rear motor to compensate and for their engineers to tweak out a bit more power from that V6 taking lessons from what they learned in their GT3 program. Final horsepower numbers are rumored to be around 641 HP and 450 lb-ft.  Power will be routed through a 9-speed Dual Clutch. Type R’s of the past have all been manual, but I don’t see Acura doing that here.

Total weight savings in the range of 300-500 pounds is expected. For reference, the 2019 NSX weighs in at 3,803 pounds.

There’s no rear spoiler on this NSX but I fully expect for their to be one on the NSX Type R.

Source: Instagram


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