Google around and you’ll hear stories circulating about super referrers earning a Free car from Tesla from a Model S, X, and even the yet to be released Roadster, but two?

This is 100 percent true, this Tesla super advocate earned himself two free Tesla Roadsters! As per Bjorn Nyland on his official youtube channel earlier today (Nov. 9, 2019) Tesla confirmed to Bjorn that the two Tesla Roadster reservations on his referral screen are indeed no joke and that when the Tesla Roadster comes out, if Bjorn so wishes, he can reserve and accept for delivery two brand spankin’ new Tesla Roadsters. Here’s the kicker, the cars aren’t even out yet!

Check out his amazing video below where he explains everything.

Bjorn Nyland’s Tesla referral code is That’s it. eight simple characters after Tesla’s shortened URL represents Bjorn’s magic referral code he lists on all his video descriptions which has done wonders for the Tesla owner.

The Tesla Roadster will be one of the hottest sports cars when it drops. With two seats, a monstrous electric motor (or two?) and a battery to boot, not only will this probably the fastest car in Tesla’s lineup, it’ll be the fastest car to 60 MPH in the world and will redefine what’s possible with electric cars. Dare I say, all exotic supercars will seem super slow and irrelevant, but I digress.

tesla roadster
Tesla’s all new Roadster 2.0

The referral program for the Tesla Roadster is simple, it’s 5 referrals to enter and then each subsequent referral earns you two percent off the purchase price. Do the maths and that’s 55 referrals to earn yourself a free Roadster. Bjorn? He earned 110…and counting.

Here’s the thing. Bjorn’s STILL getting referrals so it looks like Tesla will either have to theoretically keep tacking on Roadster reservations as per the referral program or give the man an equivalent cash value.

Referral program economics are pretty simple, if the perks earned outweigh how much that super referrers brings in, it’s a win-win for both parties. For the referrer, you get credits towards awesome perks like free Teslas and the person who redeems the code gets six-months of free Supercharging.

I’ve come across Bjorn’s name multiple times in my writings throughout the years and he’s just a super passionate Tesla owner sharing his experiences, no tricks. Uploading videos since 2013, his videos are both informative and entertaining. So far he’s got 109,000 subs, a sizeable amount by today’s standards.

You can read up on the referral program here.

So ya, there’s some dude who’s already got two free Tesla Roadsters. Two of them. Also, I’m aware of the enormous tax he has to pay if he actually gets one, something like 26 percent of the total Roadster price. With Roadster prices estimated around $200,000, Bjorn would have to pay $52,000 in taxes.

Source: Bjorn Nyland Youtube


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