Usually, Tesla Superchargers come in long rows with multiple SCs all lined up, ready to accept Teslas. This isn’t one of those charging stations.

Contrary to popular belief, there are quite a lot of Teslas driving around in Australia. But, with only a couple thousand Teslas running around, it’s safe to say that the rollout of superchargers in Australia isn’t Tesla’s highest priority at the moment, which makes for a couple of superchargers separated by hundreds of miles from one another. As per Reddit user PineappleOfTheWest on his post on /r/TeslaMotors earlier today (Nov. 9, 2018) he came across quite possibly one of the loneliest Tesla Superchargers, at the moment.

Check out the poor little Supercharger stuffed behind a shopping center below.

I live in the middle of nowhere Australia in a town of 15,000 people and I just noticed this around the back of a target. from r/teslamotors

You can barely make it out in the photo but thankfully there are two superchargers, so, at the very least, two Teslas can charge, side by side. A quick look at the map of Superchargers in Australia and confirmed by a comment on this Subreddit reveals that if you want to make the drive from Adelaide to Melbourne and Vice-Versa, you’re going to have to stop in Horsham, Victoria, more specifically at the Horsham Gateway Centre, where this Supercharger is, if you want to make the trip without arriving on a flat bed.

It’s whopping 451 miles between the two cities, more miles than any Tesla has range in its lineup. The Horsham Supercharger is roughly halfway between both cities, thus its location. There’s even a dedicated Supercharger page for the lonely Tesla Supercharger I’ve linked below.

Supercharger – Horsham (VIC)

I admit it’s probably not one of the loneliest superchargers, but looked where they’ve placed it, right behind a Target where only Tesla owners could find it. By the way, Australia Target is nothing like American Target, just want to make that clear.

Lonely, yes. loneliest? Maybe not.

If you know of some solitary SC’s, leave a comment below!

Source: Reddit


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