If you yearn for the days when Acura made a good looking coupe (with two doors) that’s not the Integra, look no further than the Acura Legend. And here’s a modern-day rendering of one.

A 2020 Acura Legend Coupe has been rendered thanks to Temple of VTEC member Hondatalover earlier this week (Dec. 12,2018.)

In the Acura Legends 10-year history on sale from 1986 through 1996, Acura managed to sell close to half a million Legends. Its best year was in 1988 when Acura moved over 70,000 Legends cementing this coupe as a solid two-door luxury choice from the Japanese brand. Priced at over $30,000 brand-new they weren’t particularly cheap, it was a sporty luxury, after all, making it that much more amazing Acura sold so many.

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Enter Precision concept, a new styling direction from Acura, one that seems to be working, with the new ILX, RDX, and the rest of the lineup looking that much fresher thanks to a new front end.

Sure, the RLX is still around but honestly, only by name, really. Last month, as per GoodCarBadCar, Acura managed to sell just 159 RLX’s, that’s roughly five per day, in the entire United States.

So, just for the heck of it, why not introduce a Legend Coupe a.k.a. an RLX sans two-doors? What IF Acura did make a Legend Coupe in 2020? Enter Hondatalover’s rendering below.

2020 Acura Legend
2020 Acura Legend rendered

Hondatalover has artfully grafted on the Precision Concept front end shared by the rest of their lineup onto this big-body Acura Coupe and I’m loving it. He’s only rendered a front three-quarters view but it’s a very attractive looking Legend that looks both modern, sporty, and quintessentially Acura.

Slot in the same powertrains in the RLX right now and you’ve honestly got the recipe for something special. With power going to all four wheels thanks to two electric motors providing torque vectoring out back, the V6 paired with a 1.3 kWh battery is capable of 377 HP and 341 lb-ft, the second most powerful engine in Acura’s lineup after the NSX.

I’m not saying that Acura should necessarily make a Legend Coupe but just look at it!

If there’s one thing that Honda is doing right at the moment it’s coming out with the right products at the right time efficiently using platforms from the parts bin.

If, for some reason, luxury coupes become hot again, consider this Legend.

Source: VTEC.net



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