These supercars that race in the Pirelli World Championship really do use Fram Filters and Autolite spark plugs, the same maintenance parts you can find at your local Auto parts store.

FRAM filters and honestly anything that has the FRAM name on it doesn’t have the best reputation on the internet and for all the wrong reasons; misinformation and just plain ignorance being the two biggest. So, when I came across this post showing bonafide supercars not only using FRAM filters and spark plugs, but they’re winning at the same time, I thought I’d write a couple of words about this unique collaboration just to get the information out there that real-deal supercars and honest-to-goodness race teams trust FRAM.

Check out the post via FRAM below.

The design of this racecar with an S on it threw me off at first because the design looks similar to the Saleen S1 supercar that’s yet to hit American shores. Racers Edge Motorsports based out of North Florida near Orlando, has been racing successfully since the early 90’s, starting with SCCA and moving through the most prestigious racing series in America. 2016 saw the team make a move to the Pirelli World Championship to the growing GT4 class, their car of choice, the SIN R1, a Bulgarian supercar with the heart of a Corvette that, when going flat out, can hit 170 MPH without breaking a sweat.

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For 2018, Racers Edge Motorsport and the Sin R1 GT4 with LS3 engine had a successful season to say the least. They achieved three pole positions, two overall race wins, and ten podium finishes, good enough for 2nd overall in their class, no small feat.

As the FRAM post above says, they’re running bog-standard FRAM oil filters and Autolite Spark plugs thanks to running super-reliable LS3 engines which don’t need anything fancier than what FRAM offers. A cursory search on Google shows that these filters can be had for $9 on Walmart, not particularly expensive.

What better place to test a filter than under the stresses of a real race where these oil filters go above and beyond, providing protection to the engine’s internals in conditions a normal car would never see.

To be fair, these filters are FRAM’s top of the line ones so they’re that much more efficient at trapping small microscopic particles than their other line of filters.

Still, using FRAM and winning with them is a good enough endorsement for me to consider their filters the next time I shop for oil and on oil filter.

Source: FRAM


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