You know you’re in the Bay Area when you’re stuck behind multiple Teslas on your commute going to work.

If you want to see Teslas in the wild, there’s no other place in the world that has the highest number of Teslas per capita than the Bay Area in California, they’re built here after all. According to Redditor DMan18000 on his Reddit post earlier yesterday (Dec. 10, 2018)  he was stuck in typical Bay Area traffic when before his eyes, a gaggle of Teslas appeared in front of his car.

In one of those, “if you didn’t take a picture, I wouldn’t believe you” moments, he quickly snapped a photo for us to all enjoy.

Bro, do you even Tesla? from r/bayarea

Some keen-eyed Redditors were even able to spot out this particular stretch of freeway on Interstate 280 South going towards Stanford University just before the Woodside Road intersection which is just a hop, skip, and jump to Tesla’s HQ in Palo Alto or their factory in Fremont, just 30 miles or so.

Being curious myself to fact check their accuracy, I’ve located the exact place on Google Maps below!

What’s even funnier is that several people on /r/BayArea know exactly what DMan180000 was going through.

This Redditor found himself in the same exact situation but it was Chevrolet Bolts, him included.

“That’s hilarious. I was driving back from San Francisco yesterday through Marin and I found myself in the same situation, but in a caravan of Bolts. I think there were 4 of us in a 200-foot radius.”

How this thread has more than 470 comments is beyond me but, like any good Tesla thread does not on /r/TeslaMotors, the conversation devolves into an argument on the merits of Tesla and how they have a monopoly on electric cars at the moment, which is partly true.

But back to the picture, my gosh, 5 Teslas! Has the Bay Area reached peak Tesla? Most likely not. This will more be a “thing” when the Tesla Model Y debuts not to mention that mysterious truck we’ve yet to see.

Source: Reddit


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