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Miata owner shares this one trick how you can remove your oil filter without...

Cleaning up after an oil change can be a pain but with this trick in your arsenal, spills can be a thing...

One simple trick about screwdriver handles that increases torque & helps loosen tight screws

Find your nearest screwdriver and chances are you can use this simple trick with an open-headed wrench to increase your unscrewing torque.

Would-be tool thieves blasted with motion activated high-pressure sprinkler

They came looking for tools but left with a face full of water. Tools are the lifeblood of...

How to repair a broken tail light for less than $10 that doesn’t look...

So you've cracked a tail light and don't want to pay $100 for a new assembly. What do you do?

Genius mechanic’s windshield defrost doesn’t work, what he does with PVC is brilliant

Repairing cars logically, buying new parts to replace old ones, isn't nearly as fun as DIY'ing yourself a cheaper solution.

Does Irish Spring Soap keep away rodents for car storage?

You've heard the old wives tale that Irish Spring Soap keeps away rodents, so should you cut up some soap when you...

Frugal mechanic has discolored exhaust header, he grabs toilet bowl cleaner & does this

This frugal mechanic was tired of looking at a discolored exhaust header but a quick trip to his bathroom solved that problem....

Genius machinist orders wrong steering wheel hub adapter, uses math, makes it work anyway

This is proof that the math you learned in school will come in handy later on down the road.

Car’s serpentine belt destroys itself, driver takes off his gym shorts & does this

Miles from home and suddenly without power steering and heat, this man had to come up with a MacGuyver-like roadside repair if...

Mechanic’s girlfriend forgets oil drain plug washer, he grabs a shop vac and does...

This mechanic's girlfriend forgot to put on a fresh washer on the oil drain plug but he remembered this one trick with...

What does engine pinging sound like?

Even though modern engines are resistant to pinging, engine pinging or spark knock still happens. This is EXACTLY what you should listen...

Is Walmart’s Super Tech 50/50 Antifreeze Coolant any good even though it’s cheap?

If you're looking for a deal on top-off Antifreeze, here's my opinion on Super Tech's often cheaper Prediluted 50/50 extended life...

Mechanic uses power drill on regular scissor jack for this genius reason

Many DIY mechanics found that the easiest way to raise and lower your car on a budget is combining a power drill...

RVS Technology has a Honda Civic running with no oil for 1,800 miles and...

RVS Technology is replicating a radical experiment their parent company in Europe performed, running a car without engine oil for as long...

Race car driver suffers broken bones after improperly mounting fake Sabelt Race harness from...

This race car driver cheaped out on harness belts and paid the price when they failed in a crash.

Mechanic drills a hole in a penny for this genius reason

If you're ever in a pinch and need a temporary washer, what you need might be in your spare change.

Enertwist 1/2 inch impact, the electric impact Harbor Freight doesn’t want you to know...

Harbor Freight doesn't want you to know that the Enertwist 1/2 In. Electric Impact is pretty much the same as Bauer's 1/2 in. heavy...
crayon smell Mercedes BMW VW Volvo SAAB

Why does my BMW, Mercedes, Volvo, SAAB or Volkswagen smell like crayons?

If you've noticed a crayon-like chemical smell in your Euro model car, this is exactly what it is and what you can do about...
Prius Catalytic converter theft

Inexpensive DIY methods to prevent catalytic converter theft

An uptick in catalytic converter thefts has a lot of street parkers concerned. Here's how to prevent a catalytic converter theft from happening in...
E36 radiator cap fail

BMW E36 owner pops radiator cap off too soon, gets second degree burns

If you need a visual reminder why you probably shouldn't open your radiator cap when your engine overheats, learn a lesson from this BMW...