If you’re looking for a deal on top-off Antifreeze, here’s my opinion on Super Tech’s often cheaper Prediluted 50/50 extended life Antifreeze/Coolant.

Head to Wal-Mart, stroll down to the automotive section, and you’ll find a gallon of Prestone’s 50/50 Antifreeze/ Coolant for $8.88. It’s no surprise that Walmart priced its Super Tech 50/50 Antifreeze exactly .99 cheaper at $7.98. Here’s why Super Tech’s Prediluted 50/50 Extended Life Antifreeze/Coolant is a good value if you need some top-off coolant or are planning to do a full flush job on your car, crossover, SUV, whatever.

Is Walmart 50/50 Coolant any good even though it’s so cheap?

First, a quick and dirty description of what coolant does. Coolant not only lowers the freezing point of water but also raises the boiling point. Coolant has an anti-corrosive and anti-bio additive pack that helps keep your cooling system rust free and prevent organic buildup of any kind.

Coolant also has lubrication properties, keeping moving parts in your cooling system spinning efficiently, mostly the water pump and evident when you try to wash the stuff off your hands.

With that out of the way, most of the concerns people have with any value-brand coolant is if it’s safe for their engine’s and does it meet the heating and cooling requirements for your area (if you live in a hot or cold climate.)

Most modern engines today don’t have iron blocks anymore and have lighter aluminum blocks. In addition, many components attached to engines are plastic. Coolant must interact well with these materials.

According to Walmart’s description for Super Tech 5050 Antifreeze coolant, this coolant is

For aluminum engine metals

And according to AA1Cars,

Universal coolants use unique OAT-based corrosion packages with proprietary organic acids (such as carboxylate) to provide broad spectrum protection.

Both Prestone and Peak, two of the most popular brands of Coolant raise boiling points of water to 265F and lowers the boiling point to -34F. Super Tech’s coolant does the same.

Finally, the governing body for coolant is the American Society for Testing and Materials. Any self-respecting coolant advertises ASTM D3306 and ASTM D4985 as standards for Glycol Base Engine Coolant for Automobile and Light-Duty Service and Standard Specification for Low Silicate Ethylene Glycol Base Engine Coolant for Heavy Duty Engines. Not only does Peak and Prestone boast these standards, so does Super Tech’s coolant.

But don’t take my word for it. According to 42 reviews on Walmart.com, Super-Tech’s 50/50 coolant has 4.5 stars out of 5.

Super Tech’s 50/50 coolant meets and exceeds cooling and boiling point requirements for most modern engines, is priced well, and has some favorable reviews.

It’s my opinion that yes, you should buy a gallon of this stuff. It’s that much cheaper and your car will be fine.


  1. Supertech is the best choice, been using it for over 12 years in various cars in my family, no issues whatsoever and it protects and cools the engine very well.


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