First Class Fitment judges rejected his “build” but he gate crashed anyway.

Sawan Patel, who goes by @PatelSaw15 on Instagram, is still throwing a fit because show organizers rejected his entry into First Class Fitment despite causing a scene the day of the event and throwing disparaging remarks at show organizers and their friends online afterwards.

Since this article went up, Sawan’s personal Instagram is down but I’ve copied the original quote I’ll post below and a photo of his Acura from his new back-up account.

Here’s his original quote,

FIRSTCLASSFITMENT2019, You’ve done treating me nothing but shit in the end. That applies to all real car enthusiasts as well. This is same as last year. Too many discriminators, threats, uncalled made, etc toward me regardless finished or not builds, before or after show hours. Basically it is only me being singled out as a human being, not my build, I mean you done many wrong things physically mentally verbally. Too many legit toxically ignorants, staffs, drivers and some speculators. Was that how you hire and instruct all staffs just like that? Much disappointing but I’m happy you ended it this year for your own good. I won’t stop standing up for whatever I do. I know what I’ve seen and done. My build helps bringing true color of people. @firstclassfitment @canibeat_crew @canibeat_cristian #*uckyourshow

Sawal’s Facebook post saying pretty much the same thing is linked here.

First Class Fitment is one of the East Coast’s premier autshow’s in Princeton, NJ held at Princeton Airport. As the name of the event and event location suggests, only the creme-de-la-creme builds are chosen from all who register.

Although accepting and rejecting builds is subjective, this being the 10th anniversary of the show, the show organizers know what they’re looking for. Much like Wekfest, that presumably means taking in the overall package and execution of the build as criteria for show entry.

According to one of Sawal’s Instagram stories, at least one judge commented on Sawal’s Facebook post spilling the beans on why Sawal was initially upset.

Long story short, judges deemed his car not up to snuff and rejected Sawal’s entry. Supposedly this isn’t the first time his build was rejected, applying in 2018 and not getting in.

That doesn’t mean Sawal couldn’t be cordial about the situation and just enjoy the show.

Instead, according to several videos he posted on his Facebook and Instagram, Sawal showed up to the show anyway with the premise he was rolling in around the show’s end.

This is where the situation turned for the worse.

Allegedly one of the show’s organizer’s friends let in some cars that were not in the show but explicitly called out Sawal’s car as not welcome. As Sawal’s videos show, at one point this person even climbed on the top of his Acura’s hood to prevent him from driving forward.

All was for naught as Sawal continued to not only drive into the show but parked.

Sawal documented this friend of the organizer, at his wit’s end, tell him in not some of the kindest words that Sawal was not welcome and it would behoove him to leave.

Finally, police intervene and Sawal leaves.

To add insult to injury, as Sawal posted above, he carried on his tantrum online, somehow weaving in how he was discriminated against since he was deaf (insert giant eye-roll.)

In response to arguably ruining what was a lovely meet, one of the show’s organizers responded kindly enough on his Instagram post above (now deleted.)

I think I speak for A LOT of people when I say this man… and this is coming straight for my heart but you need serious mental help. You need to see a doctor and get some professional help before things get worse. I have no problem with you and Pete is a friend of mine but he has no affiliation with the show and you just started (key word here) an alteration with someone and handled it very poorly. I hope this gets worked out somehow between you two and you get the help you need and deserve. The drama you so desperately thrive on and live off of has gone too far. Best wishes 🙏🏻❤️

Here’s another response from a photographer.

Jesus man. If you took the time you spent complaining and calling out people who are actually doing good things for this community maybe you’d actually have a finished car. No one is against you, but when you act so outwardly arrogant and disrespectful you will get turned away. Then you come on social media and cry about it. It’s a shame there won’t be another First Class, but at least there’s isn’t another opportunity for you to pull this shit at next year.

Sawal purports that since the show was already over, somehow he had the right to drive his car into the back gate to, I assume, sneak in some shots.

By sneaking in the back gate is proof enough that he knew exactly what he was doing.

My .02 that no one asked for

People deal with rejection in different ways but most fall into two camps, they either get bitter and double down on their negative feelings or get better and learn from the situation.

Sawal obviously just got bitter.

Anyone can see that the only thing his entry had going for him was his extreme camber which, in my opinion, is not a build. Sure, there are the trials and tribulations of getting the darned wheels stuffed under those stock fenders and to pull off “that look” but as someone who’s not even a FCF judge, I mean, come on.

Here’s a VIP Acura that was accepted and showed. Notice how it’s the complete package, execution and all. Notice the custom front end, flawless paint, and the tasteful fitment.

Instead of maybe asking some of his friends what he could do to get in next year, pulling off the same stunts as the year before shows little growth.

And the argument that the show was over doesn’t give you permission to gate crash an event. Do professional sports open their fields to the public after a game just because the buzzer sounded? Is it OK to join in on a wedding party just because technically there time at the hotel is over? Obviously not, there are logistical, safety, and liability issues at hand at letting people in if you just thought about it for a minute.

Was the words said to Sawal at the event unkind? Sure. But you have to see it from the organizers’ perspective. Sawal’s build was formerly rejected twice, which means his car cannot be in the show. Period. To drive up anyway and try to park is just plain disrespectful. Dis-Re-Spect-Ful. Disrespectful.

As mentioned, FCF did not say Sawal couldn’t just enjoy a nice car show as a spectator.

Sawal has a chance to see the errors of his ways and at least make some sort of public apology. Whether an apology is in the works from him soon, we must wait and see.


  1. The funny thing is, this is just an article talking bad about someone not what really happen. Maybe next time you can point the straight facts and not be a person putting another person down and proving why he should have been treated that way and why he got rejected.

  2. How’s it going, my name is Peter Stuppard and am the person in the video, I would love to have a conversation explaining my side of the story



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