As they say, there’s nothing as permanent as a temporary fix.

A Chicago-based Female engineer who goes by @meat.s**t on TikTok and Instagram sort of went viral last week when she shared how she “fixed” the broken left turn signal on her Chevrolet in a very much MacGyver but ingenious way.

@Meat.s**t works as a manufacturing engineer, designing and testing grinding wheels specifically.

@meat.s**t’s original TikTok video is linked here with a copy below. I’d post her original, but her screen name is not exactly family friendly, lol.

It looks like she mentioned in an earlier video that her left turn signal was broken for some reason, to which a commenter asked, “LOL, but did you fix your blinker?”

In the video she explains how, yes, she fixed her blinker, but in a roundabout way.

“I have a remote control. When I turn this on, it connects to this remote control plug, which is plugged into a lightbulb from my Christmas village.”

“I put a blinker bulb in that flashes. It works!”

I’m quite familiar with these plugs, having bought two to control our home’s Christmas lights, giving me the ability to turn them on from inside.

These newer Chevrolets have low voltage plugs for both standard male connectors and USBs in the rear center console.

And here are screenshots of her final product. As you can see, she’e routed a chain of Christmas lights from her center console’s plug, through the rear seats, and into the left turn signal.

How it’s set up.
Blinker light on and off.

Viewed from the outside, the flash is a lot slower than a regular flasher but, as she said, it works.

She, of course, has to remember to turn off her flasher every time, but I’m sure she’s gotten so used to it that it’s second nature.

She mentions in the comments she’s already tried a new bulb to no avail.

Her followers were quite amused with her “fix.”

“That’s some mighty fine redneck engineering right there,” @dieselfury commented.

“You really are an engineer,” @thatoneredbi*** replied.

“If they don’t find ya handsome, at least they will find you handy. If it works, it works,” @tylerb9702 added.

In the replies, OP mentions she “doesn’t do cars” and will “take it to the mechanic.”

It’s worth noting that if you ever find yourself in this situation where your flashers don’t work, good ol’ hand signals are what’s suggested until you can either get it fixed or MacGyver yourself a similar kind of DIY.

I recommend just getting it fixed properly, though.


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