This is how Amish people rationalize that they’re technically not using the forklift.

Most Americans are familiar with the traditional Christian group of people who live mostly in Indiana, Ohio, and Pennsylvania as the Amish.

Admired for their discipline to the Christian faith, sense of community, traditionalist ways, and hard-working attitude baked into their culture, we hold the Amish in high regard.

Most notably, the Amish stick to the traditional ways of work, whether it comes to farming, construction, cooking etc.

That typically means not using modern methods if they can help it, including farming with trucks, tractors, and most power tools.

So, you’d think that using gas or electric powered forklifts, such as in a warehouse setting, would be out of the question.

Not so!

I’ve come across several videos showing this hilarious and kind of dangerous loophole Amish men use to operate forklifts without technically (in their heads) not using it.

Check out the videos for yourself below.

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Supposedly, as long as you’re not sitting behind the wheel of a forklift and touching the controls, you’re, in the eyes of the Lord, not actually using it.

In this TikTok video, a young Amish man’s concocted a simple system of ropes and levers to operate a forklift by standing on the back.

He’s quite good at it, as he’s able to throttle back and forth without getting himself crushed.

Without a protective cage around him, one wrong move could spell disaster, to say the least.

And, in these videos, these Amish people are “walking the forklift” where they’ve modified modern forklifts in such a way that they can manipulate them at a walking pace from behind or beside it.


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Like, come on, you’re not fooling anyone.

Most importantly, you’re not fooling the Almighty above, who I’m sure is getting a good laugh out of it.

As George Costanza said, “it’s not a lie if you believe it” so, if these Amish people using a forklift in this manner truly believe they’re still staying traditional in their heart of hearts, I guess that’s all that matters.

This is such a small loophole that St. Peter will only dock them a few points at the pearly gates.

Regardless, I’m sure there’s a few Amish who feel a tad guilty using this “loophole.”

I say, as long as you’re doing it as safe as you possibly can (broken OSHA rules aside) no harm, no foul, right?


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