A single person crash in the middle of the night has the tell-tale signs of a DUI.

Presumed Colorado resident and Redditor /u/SdVeau shared dashcam footage to the /r/IdiotsInCars subreddit showing the hare brained moment from around 2 A.M. yesterday (November 26, 2023) when a driver in Hyundai Sonata travelling way too fast on I-225 in Aurora, CO lost control, crashed into a light pole and fled on foot while his Sonata burned.

Check out /u/SdVeau’s video below.

If you’re in Aurora and wondering why 225 got shut down: this dude did it [oc]
byu/SdVeau inIdiotsInCars

The crash took place, as mentioned, on I-225 in Aurora, CO right after Exit 5 (Lliff Ave.) (Exact location on Google Maps linked here.)

The speed limit on I-225 is 65 MPH.

As OP’s video shows, he’s travelling in the right-most lane at a reasonable 69 MPH.

All of a sudden, we see and hear a late model Hyundai Sonata scream past OP at what has to be 100+ MPH. Sonata’s top out at 130.

He’s going too fast for his own good as the Sonata fails to navigate the upcoming, gentle curve.

We see the Sonata lose control, veer across the freeway, and crash into a light pole.

“(The driver in the Hyundai Sonata) loses control from the right emergency lane, veers across the highway, big cloud of smoke pops up just left of the center of the screen as he smashed a light pole off the side of the passing lane.” Is it showing up too blurry on your end, because it’s looking fine on my end?”

Another Redditor clipped this better, zoomed-in shot.

“Split the car in half and part of it was on fire. One dude ran from the scene. Not sure if anyone else was in the car, though it seems like there probably was and that they were a fatality (due to the amount of police, EMS, fire, and them shutting down the entire northbound side)”

Here’s a clip from OP’s dashcam showing the perp running off.

Colorado Department of Transportation confirmed I-225 was closed while emergency services put out the car fire and investigated the station. They tweeted this shortly after.

OP doesn’t post any updates re the fate of the driver or the assumed passenger and, as of this blog post, I couldn’t find any follow-up reports posted on social media or by local news.

Hopefully police use OP’s footage, as he mentions he called 911 shortly after the incident.

“I stopped in the gore and called it in to 911 directly after the video ended. Dispatch told me to stay at least 100ft away due to there being fire, and the local FD made it to scene within minutes, due to my call and having a station right off of the exit that it happened at.”

Do you know anything about this crash?

Let me know in the comments below.


  1. OP/u/SdVeau here. No updates on the situation and the post got removed because I didn’t know I had to reply to the Automod ????‍♂️. Dispatch said they annotated that I had dashcam footage and took my name and number, though nobody has contacted me for it. Was my first night back driving rideshare in about 7 or 8 months and had a passenger in the car at the time, so took off when dispatch told me I was clear to go at the end of the call (Fire and EMS were incredibly quick and already arriving on scene by the end of my 911 call). Haven’t been able to find anything on the news about it, so hopefully it was just the one individual that ran off that was involved. The driver who crashed did initially run up to the vehicle parked on the right of the exit lane and looked to have spoken with them through the passenger window before going back to the crash; searched the wreckage for a few seconds before crossing the highway again and jumping the fences surrounding the light rail tracks. Hoping that other driver had better information about the driver to pass on to authorities, because recklessness like that deserves heavy consequences


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