Chill mood lighting for less than $20?

Interior mood lighting in our car? We love it! But it’s an option we might’ve not checked when we bought our car. Worse yet, our car is a little older, secondhand, and never came with any interior mood lighting from the factory.

Every time I get into a car with interior mood lighting, for example in a rental or get into a friend’s car with the lights installed, I’m always slightly envious at the dance club in my footwell. So color me surprised (no pun intended) when I came across this DIY Interior mood lighting for your car that’s not only affordable, it does what all that expensive optional mood lighting does, too.

Well, these GOVEE Interior Car Lights are around $18 and are Prime eligible.

So, they’re honestly the perfect answer if you hang out in your car a lot, drive around with your friends, work in ride share, or just want to spice up your car interior. They’re only $18 and you can get to you in less than two days if you’re a Prime member!

With LED Lighting technology, they’re basically an infinite color pallette to choose from, you can dial in the color pattern that pairs with your {aesthetic}.

And with a highly sensitive mic, the colors will sync with any sound captured, no messy programming and no wiring involved.

The pair of lights are smartphone-compatible, is controlled through an app, and allows you to customize your lighting all through your phone.

The best part is installation is literally plug and play, the Glovee Interior Car Light packaging comes with everything you need to install. In a matter of minutes, you have a dance party at your feet.

These bad boys also have over 19,000 REVIEWS, and 72% of ’em are five-star ratings! Solid stuff.

(You can read all of the reviews here.)

So what makes these car interior lights so special, you ask? Let’s see what some of their 19K+ reviewers had to say:

Promising review: “Super easy to install, got done in 10mins. Did install in day time so had to wait till dark to actually see how bright are the lights. And was surprised to see the result later that day as they were just perfect. Super easy to pair with phone app as well. Over all a product worth the money.” Pradeep Ravilla

Promising review: “Got these for my older Jeep since my overhead light has gone out and I love them. I do animal transports and sometimes need to see what’s going on and these lights make it super easy. I keep remote up by me, and have also synced them to the iPhone app. They’re bright enough to see the entire interior, but not be too much of a glare at night on the lower setting.” – Rebecca Cox

Promising review: ” Pretty simple and inexpensive kit. I immediately cut off the cigarette lighter plug and tossed it in the trash. Hard wired the LED kit behind the socket for a clean install with no wires showing. The adhesion on the double-sided tape on the LED strip could be stronger, but then again the surface I was mounting on was cold (thanks to Chicago weather) So it took a minute to stick. Tucked the wires in the panels. Fired up my Govee App and let there be light!” – Bryant

I’m honestly impressed that Bryant could strip the 12V adapter off and hard wire these lights in. Most cars only have one 12V plug up front so it’s good to know if you’re, at all, any type of handy, you can make these permanent.

Get these Govee Interior Car lights from Amazon for $18+.


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