Photos shared by Adam Carolla shows how close the block was hitting Gina’s Fiance.

Radio Personality and Adam Carolla Show Co-host Gina Grad shared the harrowing situation she had with her fiancé on a quick getaway trip to an Arizona resort over Thanksgiving weekend on the Adam Carolla show podcast earlier this week. According to Grad, an unidentified man somewhere near Fontana hurled a cinder block off a freeway overpass hitting Grad’s Subaru upper fender. Thankfully, her Subaru absorbed most of the damage, ricocheted the block safely away, and left both unscathed.

Here are photos of the damage below.

Gina recounts at 12 minutes into the show,

“Some f***ing di**bag was standing on the bridge over the freeway and threw, it looked like half a cinder block, threw it over and hit my car as we were driving past it. The guy just tossed it, tossed a cinder block over the bridge while we were driving on Friday.”

When Carolla asked if she called the police or not, Grad responded,

“We just kept driving…if we’ve been so trained not to call the cops if there’s not a collision, so, what do you do?”

It’s noteworthy to point out the cinderblock hit a part of Grad’s Subaru automakers have been beefing up in recent model years to pass IIHS’s fairly new “Small overlap protection” portion of the crash test.

“Overpassing” or throwing large objects off freeway overpasses intending to hit cars, is nothing new and has unfortunately been in the news several times. The most infamous case recently was in 2017 when five teenagers were arrested for just such a game. One of the five was charged with second degree murder and sent to jail for at least three years, his thrown rock piercing the windshield killing a passenger riding shotgun.

Other similar incidents, like the one involving Marcella Zoia (A.K.A. Chair Girl,) didn’t cause harm. In Zoia’s case, she chucked a chair off a Toronto High-rise for fun. Thankfully, the chair hit no one. Zoia was charged and recently sentenced to two years probations, 150 hours of community service, and handed a $1,500 fine.

I’m glad everything, for the most part, turned out OK for Grad and I sincerely hope her insurance cuts her some slack, understands this is not a “California shopping cart incident” and takes care of the repairs.


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