This is how much new Palisade owners paid recently. You should NOT pay over MSRP!

To say the Hyundai Palisade is a sales success in the United States is an understatement. As of this writing, Hyundai has sold 74,538 Palisades YTD (2020), selling 6,436 Palisades in November. The Palisade is the 6th best selling Hyundai product out of its 11 vehicle lineup in the United States. That’s impressive considering the Hyundai’s best-selling Tucson moves 9,739 units.

The Palisade’s formula of a bold design that really punches up its class, an honest-to-goodness NON-Turbo V6 engine with 291 HP and a laundry list of standard equipment, is a winning formula that resonates with the savvy American consumer.

Most attractive is an affordable $32,525 starting MSRP with financing as long as 72 months at an OK 2.9 percent APR (84 months in some cases) all backed up by Hyundai’s legendary warranty that includes its 10 year/100,000 mile limited power train warranty, it’s no wonder Palisades are flying off the lot.

2021 Palisade Trims pricing

Palisade SE FWD$32,525
Palisade SEL FWD$35,175
Palisade Limited FWD$45,125
Palisade Calligraphy FWD$46,050
Palisade SE AWD$34,225
Palisade SEL AWD$36,875
Palisade Limited AWD$46,825
Palisade Calligraphy AWD$47,750

Where do I find out how much people are paying?

There are two places to look; on dedicated Hyundai Palisade Facebook Groups and Hyundai Palisade Forums like

If you search on Facebook groups or ask “How much did you pay for your Palisade SE?” you’ll find threads with examples of what people paid for.

Similar logic goes for online forums. There are currently dedicated threads with how much people paid for.

How much you should pay and why you shouldn’t pay over sticker

Here’s the honest truth, because Hyundai initially had supply issues in the first half of 2019 to keep up with demand, some dealerships added a markup to keep their inventory in check. But, reading what people are paying today, there are no supply issues and don’t believe sales associates telling you otherwise! There are plenty of Palisades on dealership lots.

The Palisade is made in Hyundai’s Usan Assembly Plant in South Korea, literally one of the largest car factories in the world. Capable of producing 1.9 million vehicles a year (that’s one vehicle every 10 seconds) 70,000 Palisades for the United States Market is nothing. Hyundai Usan’s plant is 15 million square meters in total estimated plant space, that’s about 2,800 American Football fields!

Hyundai may move production to the United States and, if so, supply issues shouldn’t be a thing even more so.

You can read just how big their Usan Plant is on this post from Auto Express here.

As of Dec 3, 2020, according to, there are 4,203 Hyundai Palisades for sale in the United States; 2042 Limited, 1382 SELs, 440 Calligraphies, and 339 SEs.

When negotiating a price, know that YOU are in the driver’s seat, knowledge is power, and expect to pay MSRP or below!

For example, looking at the cheapest 2021 Hyundai Palisade SEs around Lake Forest, California (A.K.A. Southern California) there are 25 SEs in the area. Area dealerships are trying to add on a markup. But there are several dealerships with NO markup on their SEs. You need to e-mail and play these dealerships off each other, threatening to meet a competing dealerships lower price or taking your business elsewhere.

Read up on negotiating techniques for the Palisade on forum threads here and here.

That being said, here’s a sample of what people paid below

DateTrimLocation MSRPPaidSource
11/21/20202021 SEL FWD(Loaded)California$35,175$38,000Palisade Forums
11/21/20202021 SEL FWDChicago$43,970$42,347Palisade Forums
10/15/20202021 Limited FWDOhio$45,125$45,300Palisade Forums
10/15/20202021 Limited FWDTracy, CA$45,125$43,125Palisade Forums
10/2/20202021 Limited FWDFlorida$47,000$49,000 OTDPalisade Forums
9/29/20202021 Limited FWDBoston$45,125$45,125Palisade Forums
9/29/20202021 CalligraphyPhoenix, AZMSRP$1500 BelowPalisade Forums
9/22/20202021 Limited FWDSoCalMSRP$1500 BelowPalisade Forums
9/17/20202021 SEL FWD?$37,540$38,000 (84 payments!)Palisade Forums

While you will have an easier time finding a Limited or SEL, know that there are hundreds of Cheap SEs and Expensive Calligraphies too. If it’s a cheap SE you’re looking for and there isn’t one nearby, ask the surrounding dealerships via e-mail or phone when is one coming in because, as mentioned, supply issues shouldn’t be a problem.

I hope this helps you find your Palisade. If you do, let me know how it went in the comments below!


  1. You have your numbers mixed up in the Pricing Table, the SEL AWD and the Limited AWD prices are switched. Just and FYI so you can update it and stop people like me leaving comments ;o)


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