It’s always cause for occasion when a minty fresh Acura Integra GS-R pops up on Bring A Trailer.

While it might cost you close to $20,000 to find a decent DC2 Integra Type R with reasonable mileage, GS-R’s are far more affordable and available. And it looks like according to Bring A Trailer’s latest listing from earlier yesterday (Dec. 8,2017) this GS-R with a tick above 100,000 miles is up for auction. What makes this one special is that’s it’s a particularly clean example with just one original owner who bought it back in 1994. Check out a couple of photos of this meticulously kept GS-R by following this link.

Although it’s lived its life in snowy Colorado for most of its existence, there’s nary a bit of rust underneath. At first glance, you’d think the paint was brand new and you’re right. The owner painted it just a couple of months ago in the original factory color, Granada Black Pearl. The same kind of loving attention was also placed on the wheels which were given a thorough reconditioning to the tune of $700. As far as exteriors go, this GS-R is practically factory fresh.

Compared to the Acura Integra Type R, the GS-R was just a step below that factory race engine, the B18C5. The B18C1 in a GSR makes a healthy 170 HP and 128 lb-ft, all that power above 6,200 RPM (VTEC.)

According to the listing, most of the major maintenance items were taken cared for by a shop including the timing belt replacement, camshaft seals, water pump, fuel pump, fuel filter as well as the requisite oil and transmission fluid changes so rest assured the engine’s running like a top. And the included videos of a cold-start and a warm idle confirm that.

As mentioned, this GS-R is a hair over that magical 100,000-mile mark. Nevertheless, GS-R in a similar condition sold for around $8-9,000 so I’ll probably expect this one to fall in that range as well.

There’s still a full week left to bid, and the price already is up to $3,300. I’ll definitely update you on the final selling price, so stay tuned


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