Ford released all the details on its newest Ranger variant, a Ford Ranger Raptor first on sale in South East Asia.

It’s weird to have to navigate to Ford Thailand in order to get all the details on Ford’s newest Raptor Ranger but they’ve honestly got a bigger market for the Ranger so it makes sense. According to Ford on their official press release they dropped earlier yesterday (Feb 7, 2018) they’ve unveiled a desert racing-spec version of its already best selling International Ford Ranger. Although they didn’t explicitly state that this mini F-150 Raptor is headed to the United States a Ford rep sort of confirmed that US customers hankering for this Ranger Raptor should stay tuned.

Compared to the stock Ford Ranger this Ranger Raptor takes the most important and functional parts of the Ranger and prepares it for a full out onslaught of the roughest terrains mother nature can throw at it.

TFL Truck already put out a sweet video for everything you need to know but read on anyways.

First, underneath the hood, Ford have equipped this particular Ranger Raptor with a  Twin-turbocharged 2.0 four-cylinder diesel good for 210 HP and 369 lb-ft of torque. Paired to that engine is the same 10-speed automatic transmission in the F-150 Raptor.return decent mileage at the same time.

Ford have graced this Ranger Raptor with an entirely new frame that uses a Watt’s link setup with a solid rear axle in the rear and larger Fox shocks all around, the same shock manufacturer on the F-150 Raptor. Bigger brakes and rotors make sure that this Ranger Raptor can stop in all conditions. Meaty 180/70/17 BF Goodriches ensure that there’s plenty of traction and durability at all speeds. Protecting the engine from underneath is a 2.3mm plate of steel.

To give the Ranger Raptor the looks to match its performance the frame mounted bumper is durable as well as aggressive looking. The fenders are dent and ding resistant and flared to accommodate a wider tire and stance. Outback there’s an integrated rear tow bar.

Inside, the real story are the seats. Ford made sure they’re firm yet comfortable enough for long distance drives.

In a comment to “The Drive” a Ford Spokesperson said,

“Today’s announcement is about the launch of the new Ranger Raptor in Asia Pacific markets. We’ll have more to share about Ranger Raptor at a later date.”

Although US fans of this new Raptor are chuffed that South East Asian markets are getting the hottest Ranger before we even get a regular Ranger, I’m taking the above statement as a cue that they’re bringing it over here.

With different crash regulations and emissions standards, perhaps Ford is making sure everything’s up to snuff before letting it loose on the American market.

Look out Toyota Tacoma TRD, the Ranger Raptor is right behind you.


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