This artist took an Acura NSX and incorporated it into his artwork, making it look like a real-life sketch.

It’s been often said that art imitates life, but in this case, the opposite is true. According to Los Angeles based artist Joshua Vides and his latest exhibition dubbed, “Reality to Idea” he’s taken a 1995 Acura NSX and given it a unique wrap/paint job made to look like a real-life sketch. Check out a video of this NSX along with the artist part of the actual painting below!

Off to the next project . Can’t wait to show you ?

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According to Joshua Vides, the whole exhibition is meant to be experimental in nature and is also meant to appeal to the car lovers among us.

In an interview with Hype Beast, Joshua states that the exhibition is meant to,

 …highlight the initial sketches of ideas and concepts, bringing them to life. An ode to the napkin sketch and a reminder to not throw your ideas away.

His exhibition is simple in color with only black and white sketches. The NSX was chosen for a specific reason. In one of his Instagram posts, he mentions that

…unless it was a movie or commercial , I wouldn’t see lambos or Ferrari’s driving around so they weren’t real to me . The Acura NSX was my ( and probably your ) dream supercar that I’d see every now and then passing through the city . I couldn’t have chosen a better whip to put my touch on .

Aside from the wheels, the entire body of the NSX has been painstakingly hand-painted to look like a real-life sketch, except this is a sketch that you can drive around in and hit VTEC.

I love this exhibition personally not because it happens to have an NSX in it but you can really see the artist’s vision quite succinctly. In addition, his style really shows in his work.

The NSX is hot right now. The second generation NSX has driven the price of first gen NSX’s through the roof. I’m sure on some level he’s thought this out this way. The NSX draws you in based on its fandom and Japanese engineering. To see it in one of its initial stages of conception (i.e. a sketch) is to imagine the NSX in an entirely different light. As a car enthusiast, the artist invites us to see cars as a reality that started as simple black and white lines.

Unfortunately, this exhibition is already closed by the time you’re reading this. Despite that, I have a feeling the owner of the NSX will be driving around his real-life sketch like that for quite some time.


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